Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Heather Ross has a blog and a sundress pattern to download

Hey there gang,

This is just going to be a quick post as I have a ton of sewing to do today....but I wanted to share Heather Ross's new blog with you.

She talks about her new book (Weekend Sewing) and her new fabric line....and I totally dig her even more now. If that is possible, without sounding like a total freak.

My mom likes to follow the lives of movie stars, she takes people magazine and knows all the gossip....well out here in the middle of Australia with no TV (we have opted for the no TV bit, there is cable to be had, but I kinda hate TV....personal issue, I know but there you go. Now we do watch movies....I love movies, well some movies, but I can get into that later, if you like) I really couldn't care less what is going on with movie stars... My celebrities are fabric designers. I swear I am a fabric designer groupie. I am kinda stunned how much I know about these wonderful ladies who design the fabric I love, but there you go.

Heather Ross is one of my 2 favorites. Amy Butler being my #1, Heather Ross being my #2. I think I might like Amy Butler better because I use her fabric every day. Heather Ross fabric I am pretty strange about. I have tons and tons (well at least 3 pretty good stacks ranging from her designs at munki munki to her more recent stuff) and I look at it, rearrange it, fold it, stack it, put it together for future quilts, but I rarely cut it. It is just too wonderful! I have made Emma and Ethan both Heather Ross quilts, but I was pretty stingy with cutting it.

I ordered almost all of her new Mendocino line and I can't wait to get it, so I can stack it and color coordinate it and dream of what I am going to make with it. Hopefully it will be here before we leave for our vacation. Speaking of which I am really getting excited about and I need to pack for. Maybe I can put it off to Sunday? But for the trip I got a little Thread Cutter Pendant for my on the airplanes sewing projects....looks kind like a throwing star.

OK, back on track. Heather Ross has put a down loadable pattern on her website for a Sundress. I saw it on the Purl Bee when they were announcing her as a guest sewing instructor. And I was so bummed about being so freaking far away from civilization, but oh well that is how the cookie crumbles, huh? I downloaded my pattern, and I just went to the crappy fabric shop in town and found elastic thread....I am pretty leery about it working though. I will post about my results! It looks really nice and simple, and you put the elastic thread on the bobbin, FYI.

OK, I am off to work on some smaller bags (a Molly and some back packs). I have an enormous mailing day today. I need to take a picture of my desk. It almost looks like a shop! I feel so darn productive.

Love ya!


Heavenly Blossom said...

I agree...I love your top two fabric designers also!

I love those quilts you did for Emma and Ethan. Too cute! As always I suppose!!!

I'm off to check out this sundress pattern now that you have perked my curiosity.

Alissa said...

I couldn't agree with you more about Heather Ross' fabric. I use 'em tons! And isn't she a hoot in her blog?!? Love her personality.

Thanks so much for your kind kind compliment on my blog... It really was so nice!

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