Sunday, August 3, 2008

tomorrow is picnic day

It has been a busy couple days around our house. Friday night we hosted a baby shower that lasted until 2330. That was pretty late for me, but I guess folks like to hang out in my messy house. The boys crashed on the sofa. That is not really my ugly sofa. It is the governments ugly sofa, we are just borrowing it since all our furniture is in storage in Texas....well I assume it is in storage, someone may be using it right now...sitting in my 300 year old 6 legged Swedish rocker that that I found in a antique barn in Germany....or maybe eating at my massive French table. I sure hope they take care of my stuff! I am sure everything will be fine, but sometimes I imagine the worst.

The fun included 2 little girls loosing teeth, my daughter lost her 4 front tooth and another little girl knocked out her tooth in the bouncing castle creating quite the blood bath for fellow bouncers. Good thing we all have our shots and have such stalwart little kiddos.

Here is a pile of Stu totes that are all finished. I have 2 more to finish tomorrow (Nager and Bento) then I should have a pretty big shipment on Tuesday when the APO opens back up. Tomorrow (Monday) is a holiday....Picnic Day. So everything is closed. We will be going to Desert Park to admire nature in all her spring glory. It must be spring since the sparrows are having flight school around the kitchen window again and the maggots have become flies....glorious flies. Have I mentioned the Fly problem here in the Outback? They really are horrid aggressive things. They fly straight up your nose and attempt to drink from your eyeballs.

OK, I am being called to watch a movie. Love you all!




Shelley said...

Tia, you crack me up. You paint such a wonderful picture of a fly's flight path. HAHA! :)

Kelly and Glenda said...

Hi Tia!
I've been thinking of you, Stu and the kids so often. I'm sorry to hear about the nasty strep throat, and I guess the good ole grapefruit were from our ex-tree. Still no-one there hunh? Kel and I are doing fine. You can check out our adventures and contact details on Keep being amazing. I'd love to hear from you if you get a minute

the Campfollower said...

HI Kelly and Glenda! I am so happy you found me! I have been wondering about you! The grapefruit were from your tree. I knew someone was getting ready to move in, So Emma and I went over to pick some before they belonged to strangers. Emma and Ethan saw other people in your house and they stomped over to let them know that they did NOT belong there and our friends will be coming back with chooks! Way to meet new neighbors. I wonder if they know what chooks are? I have heard great things about your blog....I am off to explore it and add it to my little blog list.

Love ya and miss ya!

natesgirl said...

Gorgeous work as always, I used my big Stu at the airport, a 24 hour trip to Seattle and a 48 hour trip back, it was a crazy crazy experience with two little ones and being pregnant, but the bag held up great and held lots of goodies for the girls thanks so much again!

Lurline's Place said...

Hi Tia,
Did you get my email and has Lorraine contacted you - when do you go on leave? My email is - hope all is well - hugs - Lurline.

Tif said...

lol, you make me giggle, friend

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