Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big doings in the works

See, I got all dressed up to tell you all! OK, and this may not even pan out, but I need to give you a warning anyway and I just wanted to show that I really am an American married to another American. Well, I guess America really does not have one specific type of person to look like...but this is me in some of my red blooded glory (I don't think I have any pictures of me in ALL of my red blooded glory, and you probably wouldn't want to see those anyway).
What is all this about anyway, you may be asking yourself? Well, I was contacted by a magazine to do a thingy on me and my sewing gig. And they want pictures of me and my bags and quilts. Well I don't have any bags finished and ready to take pictures of at the moment, but I will have quite a few ready soon, so if your name is over there on the list it will probably be your bags and Hero Quilts that are going to be in the magazine. If for some reason you do not want your bags or quilt featured in a major American magazine please let me know and I will move it out of the frame. So anyway...that is what is up. Oh and I spoke with another magazine (Australian patchwork and quilting) last month and they weren't interested in me anymore after they found out that I was a "yank". Which I am so NOT a "Yankee". My people are from the south, thank you very much. Not that Yankees are bad people...I just am not from the North, it is too cold up there for me, but The Australians like to call Americans "Yanks".

OK onto business. I uploaded a bunch of my new fabric onto my Flickr Fabric Gallery. Please double check to make sure you do not see something you LOVE more than what I already have down for you. I am quite eager to cut into some of that loveliness, so just give me the word!

Also, I am updating my list over there. So if I have already taken your order, or you have already sent me your uniform and do NOT see your name let me know and I will remedy that. Also I am gearing up to take more orders. This will probably be the only time I am "OPEN for All Orders" until after Christmas. So be thinking about what I can make for you in my role as Santa's special sewing elf. I am going to be overwhelmed pretty quick, so have your bags and quilt desires in mind.

I will be sending out my invitation email to ladies already on my wait list this week too, so check your spam folder. I think I may be using my email for this, because my other email does not like to deliver or receive my mail and I am too stupid to figure out why this is.

And just so you know it is Spring in the lovely Australian bush. What a lovely time to be here. My fig tree has tiny buds on it and the citrus trees are getting ready to flower. The weather is perfect and there is not a cloud in the sky. Happy day.



Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

You two look marvelous!

I'm dang excited to see the magazine layout!!!!

susan said...

so pretty!! and mmm a man in uniform! how exciting to be featured in a mag! when will we get all the details....

Heavenly Blossom said...

Oh, i'm so excited for you about the magazine. Cool. I would LOVE to order a quilt from you. I'll have to email ya. :)

Helen said...

Great news about the magazine article! That AP&Q! What a stupid mag NOT to do a feature on you.

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