Monday, September 8, 2008

Home again Home again Jiggity Jog

Our little clan is home again safe and sound. What a great trip, and how wonderful the kids were. We only lost one thing during our 16 different flights and it was towards the end....Sam's car seat, which we would check each time with the baggage. No biggie really, it was lost right at the second to last flight, and covered in Sheep poo anyway (the kids harassed a flock of sheep in an old Scottish ruin and where there are sheep there is poo). It is probably quarantined and not lost at all. It was a great trip, I got to see both my wonderful sisters who I miss so much and I got to hold my only nephew. What a dream boat he is. My arms have ached to have him. We did miss seeing my parents, but maybe they will come down here? We had fun visiting my Mother-in-law in North Carolina, the mountains are so lovely.

This was a walk I wanted to go on. Now I did not research it very well...If I would have we would have dressed differently. Over the hill and through the woods is an ancient set of standing stones. We drove all the way to the Isle of Skye (I really just wanted to go there, I love the name) to go exploring the stones. When we found the parking area we saw that the walk was about 5 miles. It was drizzling wonderful rain, and so delightfully muddy. It was also a bit chilly, with a good breeze, so I opted for just this picture instead of 3 wet kids covered in mud and various types of poo.
This is Emma with our Scottish Inn Keeper, Romey. Romey was getting ready to castrate her piglets and Emma was ready to help out. As I would have at that age. I remember holding dead quail after my dad went hunting. It was so amazing to hold their little corpses in my hands, petting them, then I got to hold the organs...a little morbid now, but then it was quite the field lesson. I am sure if we would have stayed longer Emma would have tried to squirrel some pig balls into her backpack.

Scotland was covered with B&Bs. Seems to be quite the institution. We really enjoyed this one. Her breakfasts were great. She had some sort of organic farming project going on with some professors from Cambridge, so the company was eclectic. I only intended to stay 2 nights, but my husband loved it so much we stayed 4. It was a great base of operations to explore the Highlands and look for Nessie.

If only travel would have been so quick as in the Harry Potter novels! I am writing this blog at about 0345. I just can't sleep.
So one last rainy look at Edinburgh....ahhh. No pictures from Singapore or Perth. Singapore was the most secure airport I have ever been to. They have it designed to herd the passengers into one central area, but it was sparkling clean with family bathrooms and a big play area. I didn't get to see much of Perth, we got in at 0300 and were so jet lagged we slept until 1700, got up and ate and went back to bed only to fly out again in the morning. The road from the airport to the hotel on the bay was very nice...

I got a new laptop while I was back in the has Windows Vista on it and we are running into some problems with programs not being compatible. I have to rewrite my Camp Follower Bag order form (I have been meaning to for some time, but now that I deleted it I have to) and I wonder if you all will be able to download it as an attachment unless you have Vista as well?

Speaking of business I will be taking some more orders later this week. For those of you on my waiting list you will have first go at the slots. Last time I opened for 10 orders I got overwhelmed for about 8 months. I will try to control it better this time. I am open to suggestions!

OK, I need to go unpack still and make a grocery list. Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and kind support. You make my day!




Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

Welcome back! I get comments every day on my Stu. Now I'm wishing I had one a tiny bit smaller (you were right - this thing is huge) for the moments I don't need to bring the kitchen sink with me. ☺ I may need to hit you up for another custom job after you get your feet underneath you.

As to your order form. I'm pretty sure all you need to do is save it in the right format. I know you have various options in Vista - save it down to Windows 95 and we'll all be able to open it.

Heavenly Blossom said...

Aw, I'm glad that you got back safe! Sounds like your trip was amazing and I am soo jealous, lol. I hope you can get some sleep once you wind down. :)

If you ever need to test a file for us Mac users, feel free to make me your test subject! Good luck getting everything on the new computer as you like it. I know that can be a big task with PC's.

jackieskreations said...

I am glad you had such a great trip. I am sure you needed to get away and just have fun with your hubby and kiddos. Welcome back. I always say there's no place like home. I missed ya not being around. I really enjoy reading your blog. You make me laugh. Welcome Back

Tif said...

welcome home tia! so glad you made it back safely. what a lovely vacation!

hahah re: dr brandt...i was warned about that dental office ahead of time ;) . how powerful, the word of mouth!

miss you!

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