Thursday, September 18, 2008

HI, Target.

So, the middle of Australia now has a Target. I don't think it is the same as the one in the US, but it is a Target nevertheless. We went for the grand opening today. I think half the town was there shopping. The line to check out almost encircled the inside of the store. Dispite this everyone had big toothy smiles pasted on their faces. It was pretty funny actually how happy everyone seemed to be shopping at Target. I love Target (the US Target, I will hold off on forming an opinion on this one until I get to look around without the teeming masses breathing on one another), what I liked about Target (the one in Killeen, TX since that is the one I logged the most time) is how you can wonder around in relative peace looking at things letting your mind wonder. I would do that while the kids were at mother's day out and my husband was in Baghdad. I just wanted to share the joyous occasion with you all.

I am having some trouble re-assimilating back into life after our vacation. My sewing machine is acting up as is our Internet. If you have been emailing me and I have not returned your emails, I am not ignoring you, my stupid email and Internet have become really moody. I called the Internet provider today and actually lost my temper with him. For those of you who know me, I do not loose my temper very often, but when I do it is quite the thing to behold. Condescending poop. He deserved it. I wish I could have expressed myself a bit better. Oh well. My Bernina is taken apart beside me....It has been making funny sounds and going really fast, so I decided to trouble shoot.

Oh, and my wonderful little girl turned 7 on Sunday the 14th. She is going to have a Birthday party on Saturday so I am kinda getting ready for that too. I am trying not to go too crazy and just turn the little girls loose on my fabric scraps to make some wish pillows.

That is it for now. I do have some bags almost finished, so some pictures will be up soon.


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Tif said...

Yay for Target! I'm so glad for you.

Happy Birthday to Emma! Cooper just celebrated 6 on the 12th (this is a deja vu conversation lol), and his birthday party is tomorrow (Sat) as well.

Good luck with her party. Please tell her Aunt Tif loves her. I will be baking I am sure just like you tonight...

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