Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Yesterday we got some weather in the Outback. Normally (3/4 of the year) it is just HOT but every once in a while it will rain. Well, it rained yesterday. I watched the storm move in from the west through the windows in my sewing studio. It got pitch black, so we went outside to enjoy God's wrath. Immediately the kids stripped down to dance in the downpour. Normally I am fine with this. I did it as a kid in New Mexico, so why shouldn't mine do it here in Alice? I got kinda apprehensive when the big branches of 2 of the bigger trees in the park snapped off like they were toys and hail began to rain down big as my thumbs. The storm passed fairly quick (as they normally do here) and the power went out just as quick. No big thing. It was a big storm so I figured the power would fail.

I shut down my Bernina and turned off the computer, so I was ready. I was ready to jump in the truck and go see the storm damage! As I was loading up the kiddos I saw that I was not the only one with that idea. 2 friends pulled up in the drive with their kids. So we went off to survey the destruction.

Here are 2 of the 3 kids playing in the rain.

We went up to high ground to see everything. What we saw was a dust storm moving in from the south. That is MT Gillian (in case you are curious) in the distance. And that is Alice Springs with all it has to offer down below. I swear 2/3 of the town was out on the roads looking around. I have never seen so much traffic here! Power lines were down everywhere, trees were across the roads all the Australian emergency workers were out with their chainsaws clearing the way for fools like me to drive around and rubberneck. The 3 traffic lights in town were out (as was all the power), the shops were closed, and as I found out this morning all the chicken went bad. I know this is really NOTHING for those of you who live in the path of IKE or one of the other storms, but for us it was pretty exciting.

This is what I had to leave unfinished. It is all folded up and waiting for Thursday for me to work on it some more. I can't tell you how much I am loving those stars. They are so fun. I think I will only do stars from now on! Not really, but they sure are awesome in their strangeness.

Now for the most spectacular blog.....I go there everyday and I can't believe how awesome this lady is. She is a crafty goddess! Amanda jean of Crazy Mom Quilts. Holy Moly....I just love all her projects and she has the greatest tutorials. Makes me want to have some more tutorials....what would you like to learn? I can do another bag if you like....I have a little plan to make a wonky star wallet, that might be cool. Oh if only I had the time! Well, I guess all we have is time, and how fleet it is.




Heavenly Blossom said...

ANY tutorial! lol I love to learn new things :)

That quilt is going to be super cute!!! Can't wait to see it finished.

Lurline's Place said...

Hi Tia,
This is the quickest way I can get in touch with you, so hope you don't mind. Glad to see all is going well - your girls are delightful! Love the photo of the storm over Alice.
DH posted your dolly quilt last Thursday and I told him to post it Express Post, but he must have disobeyed again. Hope you receive it soon, please let me know.
Love your Lawson army bag, but I guess that is sold - would be interested if not as my mother's maiden name was Lawson and I have called my twin son David Lawson.
Hugs for now - Lurline.

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