Saturday, September 27, 2008

Desert Mob - Aboriginal Art

Here I am looking at Aboriginal art....this is not the best picture of me, but I don't ever look the way my mental image is. Do you? For some reason I think I am about 5'10" and strong and well, not so red faced. With that out of the way It is Desert Mob time again. Yay aboriginal art! This year I went hunting for landscapes with ghost gum trees. I found several.

Here is my loot. All the little ones were $10. What a great deal that was. See most are ghost gums. One of the bigger ones was $450 at the market and I paid $80, so that is not bad either.

Erica almost had to fight me for this one, but I was faster. Maybe she can have it for Christmas...or it can maybe have visitation with her. I love it though so you can't have it forever, Erica!

This is the dotty one. I dig it too.

Yesterday I had to tidy my fabric closets and my studio was a disaster. I can't find stuff that I KNOW I have, it is quite making me into a looney. Some stuff is folded and arranged so nicely. Other stuff I am NEVER going to use. I need to purge it somehow. It is not bad fabric, but my addiction is quite getting out of hand. I ordered a bunch of Amy Butler's new line Daisy Chain and I don't know where to put it. Maybe I will have a give away.

Tonight we have a big Mexican dinner fund raiser for next years military ball, so I gotta go get ready to set up. Next blog will have some cool bags I have finished recently, I have so much to blog about, just no time to do it.

I did see a bit of the debate on Erica's AFN. So I feel like a real American again. In my opinion (in the first 8 minutes) neither did hot on the public speaking arena. I heard what a great speaker Obama was...all I heard was hemming and haaing I am still not impressed with him. Sorry Obama Mamas. OK, now I am off to serve empanadas.


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