Tuesday, October 7, 2008

BDU Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Hi ladies,

OK, I have been thinking and thinking and I have decided to make up a tutorial on making a BDU Christmas stocking. So, while I work out the pattern so I can keep it simple for you, go find one of your husband's old uniform tops. Try to find an old worn one, not one of his fancy new ones...oh and as a note if it is really starched do wash it a couple times first. The starch is a pain to sew through. You will need an arm per Christmas stocking. If you are planning on sending me a top you can cut the arm off and send me the rest when you are ready. Be sure to cut along the seams. I like to save as much of the uniform as possible.

Oh, and I have a new favorite garment. My husband and I went to dinner the other night at an Australian Army officer's house and I was asking him questions about Afghanistan. I have read quite a bit about that country and wanted to know if it was a amazing as what I had read. I am talking about the landscape more than anything. He was very informative. Anyway the conversation progressed a bit to shopping. When my dad was in Vietnam during the 60's he did a good bit of shopping, so my mom wanted to know why my husband never sent me things home from Iraq. That always makes him laugh his head off and go into this drama of him wearing a dishdasha (I know that is not spelled correctly and I doubt spell check knows what I am trying to say) and skipping around market stalls while militants and taking shots at him. Anyway...back to the story. James (the Aussie officer) gave me a Pashmina that he got in Afghanistan, because I guess he did get the chance to go shopping from time to time. I love it. A lovely sky blue and made from Pashmina wool and silk. Perfect to keep you a bit warm yet cool enough to wear in this ungodly heat to keep the sun off. I think I will use some of the tartan wool I got in Scotland to make another. OK, back to the Hero quilt....thanks James!

next time I post it will be with a tutorial.



Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

HA! I had to laugh about that whole shopping thing. My guy didn't bring anything back from Iraq and when pressed about it he'd only say that what was available to him by the local merchants on the base was junk (I think his descriptions were a bit more colorful). He hates to shop here when no one wants him dead - I can't imagine him shopping when there's a potential for potshots.

Suffice it to say - he doesn't spend much money while deployed. ☺

the Campfollower said...

Mine detests shopping too. Every once in a while he will go with me to the store (I think he has gone 3 times) and he makes it far as the apples and decides that we are good, and we really don't need anything afterall and we should just go check out. I think we had about 30 people coming over for dinner and he decided they would be fine just eating lettuce and apples. I really don't take him with me anymore. He just seems like he is in pain. If it weren't so pityful it would be more funny. Well, it is funny. Another of my household titles is "personal Shopper".

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

Are you sure we aren't married to the same guy? Ok - I guess you'd know since you've seen mine's uniforms and they are a little large.
If I give mine a grocery list on the RARE occasions he goes to the store I have to list the brand I want and then I have to say.. but if that brand isn't there - x,y or z because if 1. there are too many choices, he walks away and 2. if the brand I indicate isn't there - he walks away. I've sent him for bread and milk before and had him come back with just milk because he couldn't find the bread I wanted... uhhh dude pick one.

And yeah - I go shopping for him, buy everything in his size (you can see why this is possible) bring it all home - make him try it on that he hasn't outright rejected and then bring everything back he's rejected or doesn't fit.

Fun times. It's a darn good thing he wears a uniform.

Heavenly Blossom said...

lol, mine brought VERY few things home the first tour in Iraq, since at that point they were still getting some "authentic" Iraqi things. Now it seems to be touristy crap, which he would describe a little differently I'm sure. Leilani got a camel from him from over there though that is adorable, and named him Habib. He traveled to Orlando with us this summer and enjoyed his time at the theme parks....I have evidence in pictures, lol. My husband will shop for groceries, but anything else he thinks is a waste of time, lol. He'll go...doesn't complain....but he doesn't have to because I can read it ALL OVER his face! :)

Can't wait for the tutorial!!!!

KZK said...

I can't WAIT for the tutorial! Thanks, Tia!
Hmm... I do call my hubby "The Super Shopper", but he came home from Iraq and all other deployments empty-handed. Just not the kind of shopping environment he wanted. LOL!
Karen (Army of Four's mom)

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