Sunday, October 5, 2008

#28 - Amy is the winner!!!

Hi Everyone! I sure hope you are having a great weekend. I am announcing the winner of the busy tree messenger....#28 was selected from my bowl of numbers so according to my calculations that makes "Amy" the winner. So, I can't find your email, and I am NOT sure if you are an Amy I am already in contact with, so "Amy #28", please email me with your address and I will pop your flash new bag in the mail tomorrow. I hope you love it and it brings your much happiness.

I made this baby quilt Friday night. I just couldn't stand not having immediate gratification with one of these "Liberated Stars" in quilt form, so I went for it. Makes me want to have another baby so I could wrap her up in all this pink splendor. I am not sure if I should list this in my Esty shop or just send it on to my friend along with the cathedral window quilt?? Ahhhhh decisions decisions!

I did the binding a bit different on this one, making nice visible hand stitches on the back of the binding. I am quite mad for the result. I may do the same thing on the hero quilt I am working on today. Depends on how big it gets.

This is the inside of the latest Camp Follower Bag I have completed. I have a ton in various stages of completion on my dining room table, so that means lots will be finished this coming week. Yay bags!!!

Now last, but far from least is this picture. Talk about a great day at the post office. I got some red fabric for my stash...I am pretty into red at the moment and don't have as much as I think I need, and I received my new letter press business cards from they are beautifully simple. I quite love them. Jen Love sent me some really wonderful little chocolate cakes from Italy. I have had to hide them from my husband. I am the one sewing for you, NOT him. So they are MINE not HIS. The cookies were wonderful too. I do so love bribes....I will send you some tim tams when I am finished with your latest order of Molly Purses. The Book (Collaborative Quilting) is my new favorite...I have been reading this one at night before going to bed. I love it. I am much more a Gwen Marston assembler than a Freddy. She is far to wild with color than I am. But that is just my opinion.

Now, since I brought up books....I finished Fae Fever by Karen Marie Moning the other day. I am quite ticked about it. Nothing like a 3 way with pestilence, famine and disease to end a book with. I hope her next one comes along nice and quick. Maybe I need to join a support group. If you haven't read her book yet Karen Marie Moning has some great romances out with some highland druids. OK....on that note I am going to repot some plants and get back to my Hero Quilt.




Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Hmmm, did I already submit a comment or not... Can't remember so I'll go again. Love the Collaborative Quilting book too and completely agree with your assessment of Freddy's color. Some of the quilts in there make my brain hurt. Solids give your eye a place to rest, not black and white.... anyway, fun fabric you have there and what a great bag!

The Army of Four said...

Lucky Amy! And WOW, I love your new bag!!! And the quilt. :)

Heavenly Blossom said...

YAY! I can't wait to get that bag in the mail. It'll be a happy day :) I totally love that little quilt too.

Anonymous said...

The new bag is so pretty. I really love the fabrics and all that pink! If you decide to list the baby quilt, I'll buy it! It is so sweet.

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