Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coolest little girl dresses...ever.

OK, I don't normally do this, but I don't know when the last time I was knocked off my feet with just the pure awesomeness of something. For part of the day I wanted to just quit making bags all together and just make dresses like these dresses. Matilda Jane Clothing They are just like I would make if I made little girl clothing. I know I look at people like they have suddenly sprouted another head when they thrust things at me to "just stitch up a bit" or "Just take it in a couple inches". I don't sew clothing, nor do I mend....I just don't. Please don't ask me to. But if what I made could be this awesome? I would in a heart beat! Hell yeah! Well...this lady is kinda like Tupperware where you have to "host" a party to buy her things. I am all for that! Yep. I signed up to have a party! Wahoo. Now I just have to see if the whole APO thing throws them off. Shouldn't. But you never know. I am so excited! You know how little girl clothing between the ages of 7 and 12 looks like little hooker clothing? I hate that. I don't want my little darling to look like a street she can look like a little bohemian gypsy instead. That rocks. I think. I did order some patterns from Pink Fig and Portabello Pixie through Sew mama Sew, just in case any of you other mommas of little sweet cheeks want to sew for them as well...wouldn't that be awesome? Let's just sew for our girls. My mom made clothing for my sisters and I when we were little. She still sews for Emma. Lucky little kid. OK, I just wanted to share that with you. I have one more big photo session scheduled for this weekend, so after that is finished I will send it all of and forget about the whole magazine thing until it happens. Very stressful, huh? Oh well.
I thank you all so much for your sweet condolences. SO many of you know what it is like to be far away from loved ones during hard times. Thank you for understanding. OK, I am working on a ton of awesome bags, ladies. You are some special gals, that is for sure and you will be toting around the most awesome bags. Ahh....some a don't want to part with. But I will.
I gotta run to the store to get stuff to make dinner and pick up my little Emma. She has decided that she doesn't like wearing her hearing aides is amazing the amount of trouble she gets into without her hearing devices in. That is a whole different ball of wax...
OK, talk to you soon!


Sandy said...

My told me I was the same way with my hearing aids when I was younger. She would try to put them in when I was watching cartoons. I guess one day I realized the cartoon characters made such awesome sounds that I started wearing them on a regular basis.

Heavenly Blossom said...

I just got around to reading your blog this evening and I wanted to say that I hope that you and your family are doing ok. I know it's hard to deal with a loss in the family.

That little dress is so adorable!

Good luck with your photo shoot, :)

Shely W said...

I want this dress for Belle...I must have it!

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