Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All kinds of Stuff....

The figs on my trees are really getting big. When I drive up and get out of the truck I can smell their earthy fragrance. It has been raining lately so the smells here are really intensified. The eucalyptus leaves and the dirt and all the thirsty desert plants really make Alice Springs a great place to have a sense of smell. For the most part I love it. Sometimes the indigenous people have a stink about them that defies I won't bother right now. This guy above, the Channel Billed Cuckoo comes to my house to eat the figs. He really seems to like the small yellow ones better than the giant purple ones. This is a loud bird, by the way.

OK, I have been really really busy the last couple weeks getting enough bags finished for my final magazine shoot. It is so strange to have so many of my bags around the studio. This particular Stu Tote is a Hero Bag for SPC Gebur's mom. She had her bag stolen a while back and I have now made her another. As far a detail goes I like the gold star I put on the bag closure. As most of you know a gold star signifies that a son (or husband or relative) has been killed in battle.

I am trying the drag and drop thing, but I still can't get the pictures to move. What a pain. Anyway this is some of the detail of the quilt I made for my mom for her birthday. I quilted it a bit different and for the most part it worked out fine. I love it so much more now that it is washed and dried and a bit crinkly. I use this type of muslin for the the back of some is just so nice.

Here is a picture of all the bags I need to pack up and send off today. So....I better stop by the post office this morning and pick up the boxes and custom forms I need.

Here is mom's quilt all big and hanging on the line.

Here are some of my more regular visitors. The pink cockatoos are hilarious to watch. We like to have breakfast out on the front porch so we can watch their antics. The green parrots are my favorites, we also have some really wonderful bee eaters....they look like hummingbirds but a little bigger and have the most wonderful gem like colors.
I had so much to talk about this posting...but I can't remember now. I better go get a move on. Have a great day everyone, I hope you all voted, I doubt they count my measly absentee ballot.


Tricia said...

I hope that's not true about your vote not being counted. Of all people, military families should have a say!
Anyway, I thank you for all you and your husband do to support the rest of us here in the States!

the Campfollower said...

Hey there Tricia, thanks for that!Yeah...I don't think they count the absentee ballots unless there is some sort of problem. This all came to light with the hanging chad drama back in 2000. It is all boils down to the Electoral college, right? Looks like Obama has it by a landslide anyway.

Heavenly Blossom said...

I'm very envious of the bird watching you are getting to do :) They are so beautiful!

the Campfollower said...

I have never been a bird person until here. There are so many and they are all so exotic. If you have even the slightest interest in birds Australia would blow your mind. There is one kind of thrush that sings the most lovely song...but he is so hard to find and so very plain, but his song is glorious. Very nice to enjoy with a nice cup of coffee.

Jessica said...

What magazine are you going to be in? I want to see!

prettywithribbons said...

'love your mom's quilt, especially the little circles. Very nice job!

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