Friday, October 17, 2008

I decided to keep the batting.

I don't know why it was such a hard decision for me, but it really was. In the end it was shipping that did it. I just didn't want to haul it back to the APO and watch them try to figure out how to weigh the roll on their little scales. I like the APO people, I didn't want to hassle them. Also, I must admit to curiosity. I wanted to see how it quilted felt nice through the little snip I cut in the wrapping, but I wanted more. Those damn recycled bottles sang to me begging me to put them in something...Anything! So I made another little rounded pouch thingy....and I batted it with recycled bottles! I don't know if you can tell or not...I can. But I am the creator so of course I know. It is a surprise for some one special, so when you get it let me know what you think.
On a different note, my mate and I have been discussing future assignments. We would really like to be closer to family next time, so FT Campbell and FT Bragg have been the big two. So ladies....which has a Super Target and where can I set up my sewing shop. I plan to have classes and all that jazz. We have some good friends at Ft Bragg and I have been there before to visit, it was my husband's second duty station...ultimately it is needs of the Army, so no real point in thinking it to death, but it is on my mind. Too bad it is not as easy as deciding to slice into recycled bottle batting.
I have some of the batting for sale in my Esty shop, so if you are curious too, let me know and I can cut some off for you. I took a guess on the price of the batting, so if I am stupid high, I will bring the cost down, I just couldn't find it anywhere by the bolt. And Batting here sells for at the minimum of $20 a meter and that is for the crappy stuff.
OK, gotta get the kids ready for school. I plan on making a tester bag today with the Green batting to see how it goes. I will sell it as a tester in my shop, so it will be pretty cheap. I also did up a quick quilt top yesterday so I can see how it quilts on something bigger than a wallet. It is very pretty (the quilt top) and not colors I normally use I guess that will be in the shop for cheap too. Give me till Monday on that. Today I have to work on some hand dyed burp clothes and the coolest Australian baby wraps....maybe I should start selling them too. Gosh I love them so much. Makes me want to have another little tiny baby to swaddle up.
**They are sending me the cotton roll of batting I originally ordered, so no worries about that, but I figured since I paid for both I should keep them;o) I kinda wish I had more space. I don't know much about Ft Riley....I am so sad the Bernina dealership shut down. That stinks. Everyone should sew on a Bernina!


KZK said...

Too cute! How did it feel as you worked with it?!
Hmm... how about Ft. Riley? Our Bernina Shoppe closed here in Manhattan. You could buy it out and set up shop there. :) Seriously.

Heavenly Blossom said...

OH...go to Ft. Campbell if you can! We are desperately trying to get in to the 160th so that we don't have to go to Germany (he'd deploy AGAIN right away almost). We LOVE Ft. Campbell. It's not huge which is nice and I just like the area. Close to Nashville, but far enough away too, if ya know what I mean! Of course you don't have a lot of choice, lol. I would soooo love to take classes from you and learn from you though. You are on my list of people to meet! :) hehe

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

You know I want you here at Ft. Lewis, so I refuse to vote for anything else. :-(

the Campfollower said...

Hey ladies! Thanks for the advice. Sharlene, I would LOVE to live in the rainy North West. That would be awesome, but it is so far away from family. We wanted to live a bit closer to them so the kids could get to know our parents. They aren't getting any younger. I didn't really get to know my grandparents growing up as an Army Brat...if we get the chance I would love to live closer to my parents. Ft Lewis is a great deal closer than we are now, though huh? I think you should make your family move down south so you can hang out with us!


Beth said...

I happy you decided to keep it. I was dying to know how well it worked. Too cool. I want to see the quilt. Funny how curiosity makes us all crazy like.

Tine said...

Anywhere you could go that is close to Copenhagen?? I guess that would not be close to family though! Not a Target in sight :-( But several Bernina dealers :-)

jackieskreations said...

Amen sista about the Bernina!! They are the best. I have a Baby Lock also but I am so hoping to trade it in for a really really nice Bernina. I have told you this before but I just love your little wallets.
Have a great day Tia,

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

One thing to think about: Ft Campbell would be really close to Paducah. Hancocks of Paducah is amazing, not to mention the museum and the show... By the way, have you visited the online fabric shop - they ship free to APOs.

Glad you're getting your cotton batting too - that way you have batting for your snuggly quilts and then have bottle batting for bags etc.

Shelley said...

No ... back to the Hood!! That's where you REALLY want to go, isn't it?! ;)

BTW ... love the little wallet (aka rounded pouch thingy)!

Tif said...

you can always come back to hood!

mwahahahahahahahahahah ;)


natesgirl said...

hey Tia! I just wanted to tell you again how much I LOVE my bags! Finally had the baby! Pictures of her here
but anyway have a great day!

Troy said...

We LOVE Ft. Campbell. This our second tour here. We loved being here with the 160th and now at BACH, we feel the same. I would stay here for the duration - too bad the army rarely lets people do that. I think you would like it here. The people are phenomenal, friendly and nice and totally supportive of the military community. Plus, from what I hear our crime rate is lower than Bragg. Give it some thought! I'd love to finally meet you.

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