Thursday, October 2, 2008

I was in a car crash

Yesterday afternoon while coming home from the grocery store I was rear ended. I haven't been in an accident since high school when my little Suzuki Samurai and I were driven off the road (and over a 20 foot cliff like thing). Below is a picture of the type truck I drive, mine is no where near that cherry, it has been living out in the desert sun so long wax just does not do the trick. But I LOVE my truck. And now I love it even more. Emma and I were stopped at an intersection waiting our turn to go when I heard more than felt (but Man do I feel it this morning!) someone try to drive through us. Thank goodness I drive a tank! My daughter was pretty excited about the whole thing, and I was very impressed with Agnes (my truck). She looks just the same, but the little ford escort has no front anymore. I wonder if I can bring this truck back to the States with us? It is a classic, since it is almost 25 years old. For doing so well yesterday I am pretty sore this morning. Emma and I are going to take some Motrin and get back to sewing. I SWEAR Hillary I will have pictures of your bag up today!!!! Please forgive me for teasing you.

Now onto the FREE BAG GIVE AWAY!!! Thanks so much for your comments. Y'all are great. I just want to make sure you are aware that the give away is for the BUSY TREE MESSENGER BAG I love this bag and it is made with Japanese imports and is lined with tea dyed muslin.
Also, while I love hearing about how you love MY bags, you totally don't have to name MY bags as your favorite. Although, I am really enjoying the dear things you are saying about yours truely! I am looking for characteristics that other ladies really love in a bag. I have about 4 new designs bubbling away in my mind. I have so much stuff going on I want YOUR help on which ones I should focus on. Does that make sense? I hope so. SO LEAVE AS MANY COMMENTS as you wish on the "HELLO TIA TOTE" post and I will use a random selector to choose the lucky winner. Oh and the bag is already made so it gets to be popped in the mail Monday morning....none of this waiting nonsense!


Claudia said...

Yikes! Thank goodness you're okay! It cracks me up that Emma was excited about the whole thing...that's just like a kiddo to react with excitement towards potenetial disaster. hehe

Heavenly Blossom said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you guys are ok! Good thing you drive what you drive from the sound of it, lol. No sweat on the pictures! I understand for sure. Kids are so funny about things like that. I've not been hit with Leilani in the car, but I can only imagine her excitement in being able to tell her daddy about it if it were to happen, lol.

the Campfollower said...

Emma was thrilled about the whole thing. I just wanted a glass of Cab Sav (which I had just purchased a bottle of and happily enough didn't break.) Emma dashed into the house announcing our WRECK!!! My husband exploded out of the house...but both the truck and us are fine. I like driving a 4,000 LB steel tank. Thank goodness the other guy and his girlfriend are fine, but they will be paying quite a bit to have their car repaired.

Tine said...

Oh my goodness! What a scare, I sure am glad you drive a big and heavy truck!!

The Army of Four said...

Thank God you and Emma are OK!
Way to go, Agnes! :)

Beth said...

I love old cars, its like no madder what happens you can't hurt them.
Glad to hear that you and your girl are fine.
Bummer for the other guy.

belinda said...

hey you....i'm glad you liked my stars!......i cut 8- 1 1/2" for my background and 9-1 1/2" for my star color.....i'm assuming for the long skinny type star you would cut your pieces more oblong rather than square with just a square center....hmmmm..,,i may have to go try this

glad you and yours are ok......i was in a wreck nearly 2 yrs. ago....flipped and totaled my big 4 door pickup....if i hadn't had my seat belt on...i would not be was like going a hundred miles an hour in that tilt-a-whirl carnival ride going backwards in the dark....scarey stuff!

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