Saturday, October 25, 2008

when dreams are a reality....

How do you dream? I have very strange and clear dreams. I dream in full color and nearly always remember my dreams when I wake up. Now, my dreams are strange things...not like winning the lottery or climbing mountains....just strange realities. OK, well yesterday I had an experience that could have easily been one of my dreams. And not in a good one of those very uncomfortable dreams where you find yourself back in High School trying to figure out how to solve a calculus problem in front of the class wearing only flippers. That kind of dream.

It all began with pizza. I wanted pizza for dinner, the kids did too. We rarely do pizza so it is a real thrill when we do. I took a late shower since I was too busy sewing and driving back and forth from the kids schools all day to take a shower earlier in the day. After my shower using my new freaking AWESOME shampoo and hair treatment I just put on my beach wrap. I wasn't going anywhere else today so who cared if I didn't really get dressed? Right?

I had decided that my husband would just go out and get the pizza and we would all just have a little pizza party here at the house. No big deal right? Well, when my husband got home he had had a drink at work (they have a bar there and then everyone gets on a bus and rides home....kinda like school but not) and while we were waiting for the pizza place to open he had another. Right before he left to pick up the pies I kissed him and decided that I would drive and he could just run in and pay since if was a Friday night and the police probably had ETOH checkpoints set up. It just wouldn't do for the Army commander to get a DUI, now would it?

Simple enough plan, right? Well we had some car trouble, as a matter fact I had car trouble yesterday too...humm I wonder what it could be? My husband just decided it was my driving and I was trying to start the truck out in 3rd gear. Nope. We were out of Diesel. In the middle of town. The gas station was on the other side of town, so my husband got to push the truck all the way through town. This is no light truck. It is an '84 Toyota land cruiser, solid steel construction. Very heavy. I steered and it became a parade where Aussies helped us out pushing it through traffic circles and intersections. We had Aborigines shouting encouragement and a couple really large females joined in on the pushing. At one point I had Emma steering and I was pushing from the front drivers side....but I got back in when I kept having trouble with my colorful beach wrap. I decided there were enough people pushing....I would just steer instead of flashing the town.

Well we got to the gas station, but the damage had already been done by driving it around for 2 days with no fuel. Way to go Tia! I was able to kill the un-killable Toyota Diesel.

My husband is out there now with a new battery trying to do Toyota CPR....he is going to hit up our neighbor the Toyota mechanic later today and I just sit here sewing and feeling like a murderer.

OK....why was that like a strange dream? Well I was out of gas with all my kids in the car in the middle of Australia being pushed through town by Aborigines and very nice Australians wearing nothing but a beach wrap...and my husband wasn't really even mad at me for neglecting to refuel. That is the really strange part.

We didn't get our pizza by the way.

*****Update: Our wonderful neighbor used the air comperssor to bleed air from the lines so now it works again! My Truck is back!!! I will never run you dry again my darling.


Heavenly Blossom said...

LOL! Oh my Tia...what a sight you must have been! That is too crazy! I have really vivid dreams too...sometimes I feel like I didn't even really sleep!

And you didn't even get pizza...that's the worst part, lol. I'm glad it's all fixed for ya again though!!! ;)

jackieskreations said...

You should write a book, I would buy it, lol. You are very colorful!!!!!!!

Tine said...

Oh no! I'm so glad your truck is working again! But...all that work, and no pizza?

Tambur said...

Tia, all I can is - only you. And I mean that in the most loving way.

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