Friday, October 24, 2008

We are not a house of quarantine anymore....

Hi Everyone,

We are free from quarantine. Thank goodness. I am sad to say that I didn't loose any weight, so I got back into my fitness routine again this morning, by getting up at 0515 to do a little round of yoga and my push ups and sit ups. I also got a bag quilted before my early riser got up to hang out with me.

While we were ill and all I had was polyester batting, I got caught up on putting bags together and I decided to give Bertha some love. Bertha is my Bernina Artista 640E. She was acting sickly too, so I took her apart and gave her a good cleaning. I would take her into the shop to have it done, but there is no one in town certified to service Berninas. If you have a service person in town do take yours in....I would if I could. But below are some Before and After pictures....I don't know if you can see all the lint and dust, but it was so thick and disgusting.

After (clean and tidy)
Before (gross and dusty)
Bertha is so much happier right now. She just humms. So, yesterday some ladies in a local quilt club cam by and bought my entire roll of Quilter's Green batting. YAY!!!! They seemed thrilled with it, so that made my day. They also went shopping in my fabric. Nothing like having some fellow fabricaholics here in my studio. Sometimes I buy fabric over the net and when it arrives it is not what I thought it would be....or I try to think outside the box and end up NEVER using the fabric. I was getting overwhelmed with fabric, so I sold some off. All that money is going towards my Hero Quilt and Bag cause. I must be on some sort of message board or something because I am hearing from so many widows. I do not charge the widows for the quilts and bags (unless they want a ton of bags then I just charge a nominal fee) so I have to raise the funds some way to select the materials that go in their items. Rowan has been spectacular in donating fabric, maybe I should email them again....OK, I am thinking and typing....
I have given up on my email with Yahoo. I have no idea how many emails I have missed, but when I missed 2 sales on my Etsy shop (I didn't even get the paypal notifications) I switched to gmail. This means nothing really to you because you still contact me at it is just forwarded through my site server. Sooooo if you have been emailing me and all the sudden I have dropped off the earth, please email me again! It is too hard to track who I have lost. I love emailing with you ladies, I am stationed in the middle of the Australian desert I love to hear what the heck is going on in the real world, and I want your bag to truely be a special thing to you.
My 30 Yard roll of Quilters Dream Pure Cotton batting came yesterday and I am so happy I waited to use it on the bags instead of the polyester. I love my cotton. Everyone should sew on cotton, or bamboo that is some fine batting too. I put the bamboo quilt aside so I can get back to my (your) bags.
Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I am alive and well, as is my little family. I better get a move on so we can be to school on time. Crazy how I get up so early, but an still late for the school drop off.


Shelley said...

Tia, so glad to hear that the crew is healthy again! ;)

Beth said...

Happy to hear all is well.
That is too cool that you were able to sell off the green stuff. I wish I had enough fabric to sell off. I see my poor little stash getting smaller everyday. Looks like I need a shopping spree.

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