Monday, November 10, 2008

Scrappy sewing....

So, despite the 2 surprise dinner parties that were held at my house this weekend I got a good deal of sewing done. I finished this awesome bag for C. Garey and I did a bunch of Scrappy sewing.

This is the inside of this bag...I just love how striking it is. Love it. I am going to finish the diaper pad today and then the set will be complete.

I finished this little purse. I named it the "Erica" but my daughter further named it the sassy sailor bag, since my friend Erica wants to dress as a "Sassy Sailor" next year. She wants me to dress as a General...but I will require a boob job before I can do it any justice. here is a link to the costumes Erica has in mind.
This bag is going to be a silent auction item for my husband's unit....aren't I so supportive? I am also going to put together a fabric and batting package since there are little to no places to shop for should do well in the auction since there are lots of creative ladies who work out there.

I love Flickr...I feel like my contacts are my little crafty friends. Well I joined a group called scrapbusters. I have 3 large bins of scrap fabric. I love my scraps and have plans to do lots of things with them...I just lack the time. Well, Saturday I worked with my scraps. The flower on the bag above is from the scrap bin (fabric from the bin, not the actual flower) this little bridy thing is made all from scraps. I think it might be part of a larger quilt when is all said and done, but I won't work on it again until next weekend. Can you tell that the birds are some of our crazy pink cockatoos? And the tree is the Jacaranda?

I made this scrappy pillow. I have been dieing to make myself a pillow and finally did it! I made the time! I love the pillow. The back is and envelope closure so you can stuff it with a pillow form, or take it off and wash it when the kids spill something mysterious on it...and no one knows what it could be.

Here is another shot of the Garey bag. I really like trimming the big fellows down a bit. I am all for a big bag, but some of you ladies are married to giants! It would be like lugging around a duffel bag!
OK gotta go by the hearing aide place before dropping Emma off at school. Her speaker system is not working again. Poor kid. I may be laying low for the first part of this week while my husbands boss is in town. The house is going to be party central, so I need to clean it up a bit. It is pretty messy. My kids have a super power that the next X-men may be interested in....they are able to make a nice clean room or kitchen look like it has never seen a mop. They can mess a place up faster than you can leave the room. It is a mystery how it happens, but I know I just cleaned and bamm.....looks like buglers broke in looking for a treasure map...oh and what the boys can do to the toilet, an act of terror for sure. I am on the verge of removing their bathroom rights.
gotta dash!


Heavenly Blossom said...

Love it all! The little pillow is too cute. I like making pillows too :) I made up a few for my step-mom's kindergarten class.

Amy said...

Too cute! I love the "Sassy Sailor" bag! Your creativity is inspiring! And the Garey bag is lovely!

TheAlbrechtSquad said...

Fabulous like always!!!

Yeah, good luck on the bathroom, I'm STILL trying to train my boys (how is that for hope for ya!!)

Beth said...

Aim, Mine have no idea how to aim. I am also right with you on the mess thing. My inlaws will be here this weekend and oh what a mess I have.
Beautiful projects as always.

Tif said...

I love everything! Love the pillow!

Have fun entertaining! (((hugs)))

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