Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And the winners are......

# 11 Tif


#6 Kristin L.

Woopee you two! I need your addresses and you will soon get some loot. Tif, Ironically (or not really) is my wonderful friend from the Nurse Corps...we were in the Army together and she taught me tons and tons about labor and delivery nursing. She is also a very skilled seamstress and knitter. Kristin L is also an awesome quilter...as a matter of fact I want to be her when I am a grown up quilter. I love her blog and I am endlessly inspired by her glorious art. Go give her website a look see and I am SURE you will fall in love with her quilts as well. She has some patterns as well....

I have so much to blog about but I just don't have the time at the moment. Both my Berninas are back and running pretty well, so I am as happy as a clam. It was kinda cool to have them out of the house though. I got to see what a "normal" house wife gets to do during the day without the call of the fabric and sewing machines to deal with. I cleaned like a crazy lady and a nice tidy house was wonderful.

OK...on a different note I listened to a podcast thingy (it is not really a podcast, but I can't think of the real name for the life of me) yesterday by Alice Walker regarding a letter she wrote Barack Obama. All I can say is WTF? I like Alice Walker...but maybe she should stick to fiction writing and cease giving political advise. "one man's enemy is not anothers." "You have won the race...all the other Presidents before you were just relay runners and you are the winner so take it easy and don't stress" Surely the US public must realize that the office of POTUS is one of the most stressful jobs on Earth and if the man holding said office is NOT stressed he not doing it right.


You really should give it a listen. She also has a really dreamy vision about war. Very enlightened...not realistic in this day and age. Last week we were pretty damn close to some crazy hostility between India and Pakistan....maybe we should send Alice Walker over to sort that out. Everyone should just be friends and then cut off their clitoris and external labia (Possessing the Secret of Joy by Alice Walker).

So there that is. I am off to sew some more and mail some boxes. I want to know what you think of Alice's letter to Obama...oh and they interview some man from Uruguay and a man on Death Row. What is my country coming to? I guess I am going to have to come home a straighten things out.


Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

I totally meant to enter that drawing. Oh well. Sad for me.

And that "letter" is FUNNY. That's the scary part of the Obama presidency, how many people think they'll get a voice in the administration. Unfortunately we've elected a LEADER people - that means, he LEADS. Not everyone likes the leading.

Oh and...
Let's just go give those extremists hugs. They'd forgive and forget if we just gave them a little love.

Green Fairy Quilts said...

Found your blog and I have to say that your bags are so cute. You are super creative, good luck in all you do!

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