Sunday, December 14, 2008

Can you believe it is almost Christmas?

SO Christmas is pretty much right around the corner, everything I am going to buy is bought...we will see if it gets here in time. "Santa" is getting the kids one nice gift each and I am making them several things, but that is pretty much it. I really want to focus more on "Christ" in Christmas instead of buying and buying and buying. Next year I think we will be back home with family so that will be awesome. I sure miss everyone.

Here are a bunch of Molly Purses I finished last week. There is a pretty good variety there hanging from my fig tree. Below is probably one of the most wonderful Cathy Bags I have ever made. I can't wait for it to arrive at it's destination.

These have been a pretty busy 2 weeks...lots and lots of parties. Have you ever noticed that the smaller the military community the more social functions there are? We went to a family day Christmas party yesterday and we are all sunburned (well my husband, Mr Melanin, is just fine) being some of the whitest people in Australia. I have a big spot on my back where I missed my sunblock and each of the kiddos have funny red splotches of pain. I can't even count all the sunburns I have had in my life, but these that I have gotten here in Australia hurt worse than any before them. My poor little children... They did all wear hats yesterday so at least that damage was thwarted.
Emma's Home school stuff arrived Friday and she is so excited about it all. The boys are going to go to regular school and I am going to home School Emma to see if I can catch her up to where I believe she should be. Her teacher let me down....she didn't let me know Emma was failing first grade until there were 3 weeks left in the school year (I had 2 meetings a term with her hearing team and her teacher...Emma's doing poorly never came up). Don't you think that is crap? I sure do. I decided to just take matters into my own hands.
So with the home Schooling of miss Emma I will not be taking bag orders anymore. Yeah yeah I know that I will have to hang tight with the fabric I have an not buy lots and lots of glorious fabric each season. Whoop whoop...but My daughter really does take a more important roll in my life that the bags. I will miss them...maybe after we move back to the real world I will be able to hire an assistant and I can open back up again. Or I can go back to work on another project that has been put on the back burner. We will see.
I am going to finish up all those bags over there as soon as possible, so don't worry if your name is over there.
I do still plan to make Hero Bags and Hero Quilts...but those are going to have to be more controlled too. I recently had a lady who was not what she claimed to be...nor was her husband. That has left a sour taste in my mouth. I was pretty much shocked that someone would claim to be a widow and not really be one. I do check up on the widows I sew for and I have never had anyone flat out lie to me (well I don't think they have). So I discussed the issue with my attorney and she said I should request a copy of the death certificate. Man, I don't want to do that. Maybe just a memory website address or something.
OK, my husband wants the computer...Gotta go sew! And to think these are going to be some of the last Camp Follower Bags ever made in Alice Springs.... it is the end of an age.


Beth said...

I cannot believe someone would claim to be a widow to get something for nothing. That is a slimy thing to do.
Madelyn is on her second run through first grade. I am very thankful she has a wonderful teacher who has done all the things in her power to help her. But man it isn't ok to not tell you that there are problems so close to the end of the year. that is crazy. Good for you to do something about it. She will do wonderful with your help.

Claudia said...

I can't imagine that teacher letting you down that way! How awesome that Emma is still excited about learning in spite of all that. I hope everything goes well with homeschooling!

Tricia said...

How is it possible that a teacher can allow a FIRST GRADER to fail?! What, she missed-out on jello day?!
I have always homeschooled my four children-2 are now at the state U (at 18 and 17) and a third will enter next September(at 16).
I am sure your daughter is brilliant and will quickly and easily be able to "catch-up" on first grade and will be passing all her friends in second grade soon!
Also, it won't take as many hours to teach her at home as they waste in school, so after you get the hang of it, you'll have plenty of time to sew.
You are a great mom for seeing her needs and responding to them! Keep up the great work!

jackieskreations said...

Wow Tia, but your children always come first and foremost. You can always go back to making the bags later if your little heart so desires. It is a sad thing that people lie like they do just to get something for free. I wish you the best of the best.

the Campfollower said...

Thanks for the support ladies! Most of you know Emma has a hearing impairment. Her teacher was supposed to wear a mike so the reciever on Emma's hearing aide would pick up what the teacher was saying....well, the teacher often would not wear it. She thought she spoke loud enough. I get furious thinking about it, but sufice it to say I don't think this would have happened in a US school. Or at least I hope it wouldn't have. Emma is amazingly smart, she just needs to hear what is being taught.


Heavenly Blossom said...

Aw, good luck with the home schooling! That will be a great thing to do with her.

I can't believe someone would lie about their husbands death. I don't think i could even if I wanted to!!! AWFUL!!!

I'm very sad that you won't be making CF bags anymore. I love to see them as they are done! I do wish you were going to campbell...I'd love to be your assistant!! I'll still spy on you via blog cause I'm sure that you will sew still and i love to see what you do.

the Campfollower said...

I will still be here sewing. I can't imagine going a day without the humm of my machines! But for the time being it will be selfish sewing and quilting for family and some friends. I have sooooo much that needs to be created swelling in my mind that I need to take a break from the custom work and release a bit of the bags and quilts that are prisoners in my imagination. I also need to find my pace with Miss Emma and her lessons. When we get that nailed down I am sure I will have a moment from time to time to make things for others...we will see;o)

Brit said...

People surprise me everyday, and it's not always good, how sad that someone would impersonate a widow, just to get a thing, when any widow would give up that thing in order to not be a widow.

Horrible, and she ruined your trust so that now you will always question instead of assuming the best, its hard to assume the it is.

I'm not going to touch the school bit, I've my own school drama...sometimes I wonder how adults got as far in the world as they did.

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

asking for a copy of the death cert is so common when dealing with the death of a loved one that really - I can't imagine it being a problem. My mom carried one in her purse for a year and has 2 files at home - one is a few certified copies - and the other is like 20 copies just xeroxed.
Don't sweat it.

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