Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I would like to Introduce you to "Herman"

So...Sunday we (Stu and I) made a big decision. After waking up about 5 times the night before due to scampering feet and gnawing teeth, we decided we needed to take the next step in our Mouse War. We have mice. Most of our little circle has them and all the rain has really motivated more to move into our house. They are really cute little native mouse (they hop and I think they are marsupials with pouches) but I don't want to share my dwelling with them.

We got a cat. Well a kitten really. We saw a sign for free kittens and went by to collect Herman from the Junk Yard. He is not feral, his mommy is an inside cat at the Junk Yard, and quite lovely.

The kids are over the moon for Herman (Emma keeps calling him Hymen...we may need to find a different name for our pussy) and so far He seems like quite a great little fellow. He uses his litter box with no problem, sleeps in his bed or Emma's lap. And best of all...He is showed me some of his assassin skills last night on a beetle. Very impressive little killer.

He knows when to run for the high ground...but his little claws are really sharp, so this location is really NOT encouraged.

I have never had a cat before in all my 33 years. Never once. We have always been dog people. But if the rest of Herman's assimilation into our family is as easy as the past couple days I see us with a cat for the rest of our life!
Have a happy New Year everyone, and reflect a bit on the blessing of this past year.


Anonymous said...

As a long time cat person, let me say welcome to the club! Since you're getting him so young, you have the ability to "train" him just a little. Handle him a lot so he becomes comfortable with it. Pinch the scruff of his neck and hold him on his back, supporting his body. Give him a few seconds and he'll relax right into it. It's the cutest thing. Handle his feet, gently squeezing out his claws and touching them. Get a scissor type claw trimmer and start using it NOW, before he develops any phobias. You can actually teach him to play fetch, too. Tie a string to a ball of aluminum foil or paper, and toss it. When he pick it up, gently reel him back in, then take the ball and toss it again. Pretty soon he'll figure out that if he brings it back to you, you'll throw it again. Of course, that means you'll be throwing a lot of balls for him. And he may start bringing you other things, like those mice. But he might do that anyway.

bettyninja said...

Cats are great to have- I never had one until I met my boyfriend. Now I could never be without one!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

sweet sweet kitty. hopefully just having him around the house will convince the roo mice to leave.

anne from finland said...

What a lovely kitten! When we lived in our other house, so I was blessed with three cats and whenever I wanted to take something from my cellar, I took one of the cats with me and I NEVER saw any mouse!!! I recommend cats for that job!!!

Andi said...

I'm not a great cat lover but I do love a Herman.
Happy new year.
Andi Herman :-)

Anonymous said...

oh my...hymen. I'm dying. We have mice too. I hate it. The rain just drives them into our house, and we think a raccoon got our last cat. it stinks...the mice are taking over...I just can't stand hearing them at night. My husband on the other hand, gave them names and secret by them gym equipment. And the boys leave food out for them...littl turkeys.

Tif said...

aw, he is *so* cute tia! the kids love him, emma is smiling so big!

congrats on the new addition!

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