Friday, January 2, 2009

Some of my stuff from 2008

So...I have been seeing lots of these mosaics all over Flickr and my favorite blogs and I wanted to do one too...but my Internet is so slow I figured it would take forever (I was right, by the way). The oldest picture is from July and I made so many bags and quilts in 2008, this barely covers a tiny fraction of them, but here is some of my stuff.

I look back over all the things I made over the year and I just can't believe it was all made by ME! Pretty shocking really. Well, I think it is anyway. I know you ladies have to wait so long for your bags and the process takes so long, but I just can't believe how many ladies I have met through my little bag gig. Here in a link to just the Camp Follower Bags I have made. That is alot of stuff.
I want to thank you all for trusting me with your loved ones' uniforms and paying me your hard earned money to do something I absolutely LOVE. Thank you for all the wonderful are all such wonderful ladies!
Now that it is the 2nd of January (for me) it looks like it is about time to get back into the swing of things and finish up my last group of bags. LAST GROUP OF BAGS! Can you believe that? Part of me wants to go ahead and take a bunch of closets have never been so barren. But I really need to hold off until we get settled at the next duty station. Last move I had ladies uniforms in my carry on on the flight to Australia. How crazy is that?
OK, also typicla for these New Year posts is what the blogger intends to do with the new year...the clean slate as it is.
-I am going to start the day with a excercise. Now that I am a bit older, I am getting kinda soft. I have always had good muscle tone in the past, but I jiggle in places I have never jiggled before. That needs to be taken care of.
-I am going to be home schooling Emma (most of you know that)
-I need to really put some serious thought into what I want my bag gig to be. DO I want to continue doing it? Yes, I do. But there must be a better way not to get completly swamped with orders. I need to find a happy balance between my art and my family.
-I am going to be working on a book. Some patterns I think so you can make your own things from "up cycled" uniforms. It is really not the most brilliant thing in the world, but I love it, and you seem to like what I make. I will be happy to show you how to do it yourself.
- I am also going to be doing a couple classes here in town before I leave. Crafty Coffees.
- I need to make myself another big bag since one of my favorites got stolen the other day along with my husbands bike (there is a house of delinquent Aboriginal kids down the street and they have been breaking in the fence lines in the area lately.) Since they are Aboriginal there is not much the local police can do. I am mad because my bag had mostly my favorite lip balms in it, my big water bottle and one of my notepads. I have to write things down or I don't remember. We want to set a trap...but we can't since that is "Entrapment" Right, Sharlene? And what are we going to do with a stinky drunk Aborigine?
-I need to do an Aboriginal post. I will dress like a German (I would say Japanese, but I look more German, despite my Japanese sun hats) tourist and take lots of pictures around town. Just so you can get a feel for how the kids and I and everyone else in town live. I had no idea what it was like before I moved here. It would make an interesting Sociology paper I am sure.
OK...I am off to do my thing. Some of the shops are open again, and I think we need to venture forth and find fruit and veg.
PS, thanks so much for the feline advice. This is such a great kitty. Herman is sleeping in my lap right now. He loves having his paws rubbed and I think he is going to forget how to walk with how much the kids carry him around. We are working on the fetch bit, but he seems up for it. I am all for cats! Why did we wait so long to get one. Mom and Dad you need one too.


Kristin L said...

Yeah, that's a whole lotta productive creativity!

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

The law might be a little different there in Australia but that wouldn't be entrapment. Entrapment would be you putting a bag filled with booze and other lures right by the fence, standing outside the fence and telling them to go ahead and jump it and then grabbing them. You basically entice the person to commit the crime and then nab them. Yours would fall closer to a protection of home thing and depending on the law over there it may or may not be legal. It varies from state to state here. For instance, in most places you can't use lethal force to passively protect your house (ie: you can have a burglar alarm but the burglar alarm can't have a shotgun pointed at the door) but if someone busted in to your house while you are home you can go ahead and shoot them assuming you have a licensed firearm and need to protect yourself. Saying that, there have been burglars who have sued the people they've robbed for injuries they've received in the course of the event. No joke.

I'd avoid the trap. Though from the little I know of Aussie law, they seem to mimic the Texans more than the Californians.

Wow that was too long.

And I am still holding a grudge that you aren't coming to Lewis. :-)

Tambur said...

Hey Girlie!

You have always been a tornado of productivity and accomplishment. I love that about you. So when is the move and where are you going. We just got our stuff....6 1/2 months later! It was delivered on the 30th. We know how to bring in a new year!

Tambur said...

Hey Girlie!

You have always been a tornado of productivity and accomplishment. I love that about you. So when is the move and where are you going. We just got our stuff....6 1/2 months later! It was delivered on the 30th. We know how to bring in a new year!

amandajean said...

i love your mosaic! nice work this past year!!!

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