Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It feels great to be sewing again!

HI! SO this week should be a good sewing week...I can just feel it! I finished this quilt for my husband this weekend between trips to the doctor, eye doctor and vet. As well as a trip to a nearby water hole.

At first glance this is just a squarish quilt...but look closer and you will see wonky log cabin blocks with lots of improv piecing. Most of the colored fabric is from Cherrywood Fabrics. I bought a scrap bag and I just loved it! I am hooked on it's hand dyed goodness. The Marbles are from an Aboriginal community not far from here. The background fabric, or cream colored fabric is my favorite 200 thread count muslin from moda. You can get yours at Hancock's of Paducah. It is heavier than the average muslin, but really makes a great finished quilt. Stu tossed it on the bed as soon as he heard the dryer finish and it really was nice to sleep under it. I think he is planning on taking it on his next venture to reality (TDY). Whatever...as long as he seems happy with it, which he really does. I guess I should sew for my husband more.

I quilted this quilt up different too. I decided to get out of my quilting box and just quilt with lines. I love how it turned out and it didn't take that long either since I used my darning foot instead of the walking foot for going around the blocks. I wanted it to look freehand...like I took a ball point pen and drew lines all over it. Then I hand stitched the binding on with thick cotton Perle embroidery floss.

Since I am so pleased with how this quilt turned out I will probably be doing Sam's quilt with lines too. But I am not going to go anywhere near quilting that guy until most of those bags over there are finished.

I worked one Stu's quilt because I was stuck on this back pack.

See...it is out of a flight suit and I had to re-think my design of the Sam Back Pack. Which in and of itself is no big thing...but the slippery flight suit fabric needed some more "umpf". In the end I just quilted the whole thing. I like how it turned out, especially that big flower on the front!

Here is the Moree set all together ready to go to it's new home.

Big week of sewing ahead!


Andi said...

Love the new quilt. I'm really enjoying all these improvised log cabins that people seem to be getting into. Yours is a stunning example.
Andi :-)

the Campfollower said...

Thanks so much Andi!

Helen said...

Looooooove your new quilt! Saw it on flickr as well but had to pop in here and say how fantastic it is once again!

Marit said...

Love your quilt with Cherrywood Fabrics!!! I bought a couple of their grab bags and fell in love with their fabric. There is some left over. Maybe I will try something like what you did, combining them with a cotton solid. Andthank you for sharing your fabric preferences, too.
; )

the Campfollower said...

Thanks so much Helen and Marit!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

ooh, wonderful. great quilt and so glad to hear it makes your husband happy too. Love Cherrywoods - they so rock.

metrosupialdesigns said...

Love the quilt! Thanks for the Moda Muslin hint, I'm always disappointed with the muslin I buy. Mostly it lines pillows so it doesn't matter. No to the Cherrywood...I don't need another addiction!

Emily said...

That quilt is AWESOME! I love the bright colors and the "not so perfectly straight" squares.

Anonymous said...

LOVE THESE BAGS!!!! Makes me wish my hubby was a pilot! ;)

Jen Love

Leslie said...

i love love love what you are doing with uniforms. My husband is in the army and ih ave been wanting to make a bag from his obsolete uniforms....can you give me any help or hints on where to start even?

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