Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Me on one side a flight suit on the other

I have been working on this Moree order for a while now...(thank you so much for your patience!)...I love a flight suit, great color, zillions of pockets and flame retardant. While there are a ton of pockets, none of them are in the "regular" that means I have to modify my little patterns.

This Stu tote is not that modified...the inside pocket is really cool. I decided to pull the zipper pull through the button hole to secure the bag, but I can still add a button, no big deal.

Now, the Molly purse is where I had to get creative. Since the leg pockets are on such a dramatic slant I just decided to piece some of the fabric M selected for the inside to the outside...I love how it breaks up the olive green.

Since there was not a "normal" cargo pocket on the leg I used on of the 5 available pockets.
What I am stumped on right now is what SHOULD be the most simple bag of the order! The Sam backpack is kicking my butt. The slinky fabric keeps slithering around, there is no adjustable waistband, so I am rethinking that and I really want to give it magnetic snaps inside... It is going to be awesome when it is finished and truly one of a kind...I think I am going to have to quilt the whole thing (I normally do not quilt the Sam Backpack since usually they are made from fabric that is durable enough to low crawl through the great out doors) to make it sturdy enough. I want is functional as well as beautiful. Hummmmm I was hoping that switching gears (by blogging) in my brain would solve the stump. Maybe it has?
OK, other business...I have all the rest of the bags over there cut and most are in various stages of readiness, some just need to be assembled some I have questions on so I have set them aside. I still don't have the uniforms for Hires, Malloy, Cvek or Garey (Garey- I think you have recently mailed yours?) the mail has not come in for a couple days so maybe they are all waiting in Sydney for the next flight this way...who knows. I am going to have a ton of sewing time for the rest of the week and then into early February since my mate will be too busy to hang out with. Emma and I will be starting our little home school venture when the boys go back to school on the 28th.
OK, I think I have the backpack issue worked out! I better hustle before it slips out of my mind!


Kristin L said...

Very cool adaptations of your "normal" bags. I really like the two slanty pockets on the Stu bag.

Heavenly Blossom said...

BEAUTIFUL molly! I like it a lot. I love the STU also. :)

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