Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quilty Saturday

So....what do you get when you add up
1 greasy Mystery Face print on the front window +
2 moms +
6 kiddos +
about 12 hours +
115F +
a bunch of fruit +
and heaps of fabric =
A wonderful Quilty Saturday.

My friend Erica wanted to come over Saturday and work on a baby quilt for her brother's soon to arrive twins. I have been wanting to try a zig zag quilt for some time, and I have 2 babies to make quilts for in my world too. My husband is away for a bit, so what the heck? Come on over!

We used this tutorial from "A quilt is nice" (she said I could link to it...I was good and asked first). She even has kits in her etsy shop for a zig zag quilt and I was tempted to buy one when I bought a bunch of hair clips for crazy Emma and her mad growing out bangs, but I have tons of fabric so I made the command decision to just have Erica and I use what I have available.
Now, you will find that the tutorial requires 5" squares. I just cut 2 x 5" strips from each piece of fabric I wanted to use (selvage to selvage) and then cut the strips again into 5" squares. I found that this used too much fabric. If you do it this way you will have enough for 2 baby quilts.
I think you will find that the cutting and pressing ( and doing the mom thing with 6 kiddos) take up the most time with this quilt. It actually goes together quite quick. Oh also, if you can, use a walking foot for the piecing. Since there are so many seams a walking foot helps them all feed through your sewing machine evenly.

Here is the aftermath. Not a bad day at all!
PS... Thanks for all the good wishes with my peepers. I went to another opthomologist and he also thinks it is optic migraines...but combined with some hypertension. I am supposed to be taking a break from sewing and see if that rests my eyes....but what would I do if I didn't sew? And it is not like I am sewing by candlelight....I am sewing by the intense central Australian Sun. Can't get more bright unless I was sitting on the surface of the sun. But then I would be melted, so that would be crazy. I am cutting back! I swear I am.
PPS... Who left the gross greasy face print on my front window? That is just creepy, don't do it again.


Kristin L said...

Today must be ZigZagQuiltDay! The babies will love these and so will their parents. :-)

LauraJ said...

I read about your peepers and thought oh they sound like occular migraines. I get them too and they are annoying. Mostly the blurry vision thing. No warning, just starts out as little spots, you blink a few times it doesn't go away and then a few more spots. It's like looking at life through a snowy television. I also have to agree that the bright sun is a trigger! Here are tips that have worked for me: wear sunglasses with high UV protection, often, even in the house if you have to. I wear them in grocery stores because once in a while the high flourescent lighting causes the migraine. Then the other tip is to dim your computer screen brightness. That at one point was a trigger for me as well. Sometimes there's a full on full blown migraine after the visual issues have subsided. My episodes last half hour to an hour long, then the migrain hits! I never know if it will be a painless migraine or not, I don't take changes and take extra strength tyelonol or advil liquigels as soon as the fuzziness starts. It lessons the strength of the attack.
I'm rambled quilt a lot sorry.
As for those quilts, they are wonderful! I made one last year, and it was fun! I look forward to see how you quilt yours.

the Campfollower said...

Thanks ladies! We had lots of fun. LAura...yep I guess I am in your boat in more ways than just widows peaks. Oh well....I have Imitrex for the next one. My perepherial vision seems better now at least! Mineseem similar to yours, that is for sure. At least it is not a big fat tumor that is going to press our eyeballs out of our that is a good thing!Right?

metrosupialdesigns said...

Yeah for Project Saturday!

Emily said...

Those quilts look great! I'm about to tackle the zig zag, too, so I love seeing what others have done.

LauraJ said...

It's a very good thing!

daisy janie said...

Love the design! These are going to be such fun quilts when they're done (I'm assuming they're the tops of 2 different ones...). Nice way to spend a day, too! :)

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