Sunday, January 25, 2009

creepy greasy face print

Are you sure this wasn't you, Stu? Maybe after you cut the grass? Just to freak me out? Well I found it yesterday morning right after my first sip of coffee. If it wasn't you it must have happened Friday night. I had the gate closed...but it is all locked up now as are the side gates. Not that is takes a SEAL to break in, but I feel a bit better. Or do I? What if I have him locked in the house? I figure I would smell him...but could I get the gates unlocked quickly enough to hustle the kids out safely? I am assuming it is an Aborigine...but it could be Carmelo, huh? Wouldn't that be a toot! Oh well I guess it will keep my imagination busy for a bit. It was the bird man this time last is always something, huh?


Tif said...

omygoodness, that would freak me the heck out!!!

Edwina said...

I confess, Tia, it was me...I was just stumbling by after a night out and wanted to check on you. After climbing the fence and stumbling around your trellis, I just needed a moment to rest and might have laid my head upon an oily spot in your driveway. I thought it was dirt clod, but I often suffer from vertigo in the early morning hours so I may have been mistaken. Please do not be angry, I feel very bad about the mess and I'll be around on Thursday to clean that up for you. If you look closely at the face on your window, you'll notice that I have a new face cream, Oil O'Alice, and it's taken years off me.


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