Saturday, January 31, 2009

What a week....

This is going to be a big fat random post...but I have a moment while Emma is tending the wet kitten (poor thing got a quick bath this morning-no soap, just warm water) and the boys are playing out in the back yard in the rain. Gosh I love the rain.

I have gotten barely any sewing done this week, which makes me kinda feel like something is missing. This is one of the bags I made (the other is a backpack for my youngest son Sam to carry to dawned on me that he didn't have a bag at about 2200 the night before school started.) I really love these little date night clutches so much. I think they have so much personality. I am still working on A's Stu and Molly.

My sewing room is a mess because I think I have a moment and dash in to work on something, then look at the clock and have to go pick up a kid from school. So then I have to abandon my little project.

I did finish these blocks for my 8 to 8 quilt group from Flickr. I decided to do a "male" block and a "female" block. I am still in the planning stage of my Project Improv block...basically I have it finished in my mind, but I have only gotten so far as to pull the fabric and scraps I will be using. They are plopped on my Ironing board in a pile.

It was a very big week for the kiddos. the Middle Man started "Transition" which is basically Kinder garden or the grade before first grade. I am so confused when I try to figure out which grade my monkeys will be in when we return to civilization. He was so excited about going to school that he slept with me so he would know as soon as I woke up. He jumped out of bed, got dressed and assumed his position in the truck. This all before 0630. School does not start until 0820. I had to keep going out to the truck and lure him back in with food. It made me very happy how excited he was. He has a great teacher this year, I adore her. Her name is Bronwyn...I love that name. If some miracle happened and Stu's Vas Deferens grew back together and we had another baby girl I would name her Matilda Bronwyn Curtis. I bet you would not like that name would you, mom?
Anyway, the other 2 monkeys started school too. Sam the squirt is going to Preschool and Emma is staying with me and we are doing home school. Homeschooling is going pretty well. So far it is very time consuming. I am happy I have not taken any more bag orders. I will of course be finishing up the ones I have, but that will probably be it until we move and get settled where ever we are going from here.

So here they are...all ready for school. Ready to learn!
PS...I don't really know how to address this other than just say it. I don't give out my patterns for my bags. Please don't ask. I doubt you would send Ralph Lauren an email asking him to just "give" you a pattern. Come on ladies...these bags are how I afford my rather horrible fabric addiction. They are also how I can afford to make Hero Bags and Hero quilts. If you are gagging to make bags out of uniforms I am sure if you really try you will do just fine coming up with something on your own.


Happiness is Here! said...

Your kids are TOO cute! And your sewing room makes me feel much better at my attempt to stay organized! I feel much more normal now! I love all of your bags and would pay good money to buy the patterns! Because that isn't an option I have just bought ever bag pattern I come across to get my own idea's! BUT, you have been a great inspiration!

jmbmommy said...

Well put...The kiddos all look so cute and ready for school. The bags look so great!

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