Sunday, February 8, 2009

Great Saturday of sewing.

Thanks so much for sitting down with me and holding my hand the other day. Sorry about that...I have moments of frustration. And I forgot to tie in the whole Martyr thing from the beginning of the post! My whole point of the suicide bomber was that I do not want to become a martyr for my kids...killing myself for something that they really don't even care about. I am going to continue with the homeschooling for the next 4 months (we move in less than 4 months! Oh my gosh) since it is really the only way to go here, but when we get to our next duty station I will hunt out a school that has programs for children with hearing impairments. I have heard great things about the schools where we (may) be going so I will keep my fingers crossed.

Then I can sew all day every day! My Emma needs me here and dammit I will be here for her! Ha.

OK, I am in a better mood than I was the last post...why you ask? Well I sewed all day yesterday! The kids dashed around the house in their PJs and so did I. Great great day. I did forget all about a dinner date I had set up with Wendy (sorry about that).

Soooo let me show you what I finished up...

Well this is really the last thing I finished up. I watched Pride and Prejudice late last night with a glass of Riesling (not my favorite white, but it is from one of my favorite Australian vineyards...I wonder if they have a website? Let me check....they do! I highly recommend the Cab Sav if they carry any of their wines in your neck of the woods.) SO this is the first piece I have ever entirely hand quilted, and I did some during Emma reading to me, but most during my movie last night. Very peaceful evening. This little wall hanging was inspired by this little quilt on Flickr. I was going to make it into a pillow, but then changed my mind and decided my walls need some color in our bed room.

So here is A. Burleson' Stu diaper bag and diaper changing pad. Well, this is an inside out picture, because I wanted to show some pocket detail.

Here is her entire order all together out in the early morning sunshine. Don't they look so happy? I think they are so happy because they are finally finished and ready to go to their new home.

Here is the inside of the Stu with the rolled up diaper changing pad and pocket panel...and big happy deco daisies.

I really like her order. Thank you so much for your wonderful patience, Alyce! All of you that I am sewing for are so patient, I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. Handmade does take time, but I think it is worth it. ;o)


kvinta said...

I really enjoy those rare but oh-so-lovely and relaxed PJ-days! It just brings you to another state of mind, don't they? I would be able to forget a date too!

I plan on spending my Sunday almost like that. Yummy :)

Thanks for sharing - also those moments when you ask yourself the important and very fundamental questions. It shows you as such an aware person!! (hope I get the meaning out?)

Helen said...

A relaxing run around the house in PJ's day + my favourite type of day! Love your mini quilt too, fantastic colours and stitches as always. :)

Tif said...

what a beautiful little quilt. i love how you continue to push yourself to learn more and more about the art. you are not fearful to do so...

with that said...i read your other post and feel like you are totally expressing the feelings most of us moms go through as we make our transitions. we are growing, you know? and there is no way to learn but to get through it, whether it be leaving the army, starting a business, smallering said business, schooling the children. it is tough isn't it? sometimes i think many folks have it easy by just doing the same thing every day and then accepting things as it is. (i.e when we were both in the army and our fates were determined for us by our schedules).

you will always make the right decision in everything you undertake, because you don't make decisions from afar. you make them through your hands on nature and your fearless attitude :)

hugs, my friend!

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