Tuesday, February 17, 2009

this should be 3 posts...but I am so sleepy.

We are up to 201 members in the Flickr Bushfire Quilt Project group! Amazing. I have already received 18 blocks from 9 of you fine ladies. Today has been a very busy sewing day for me...and fine homeschool day for Emma (we learned tons about birds, math and are trying our hand at creative writing).

Great news from Kim of Honeysuckle Cottage! She just sent me a parcel that contains 11 bolts of fabric with 10 metres on each, and 10 x 1000 metre spools of Rasant thread. The fabric is a combined effort of Honeysuckle Cottage and Max New Fabrics, and the Rasant thread (which is the only thing Kim stitches with) has been kindly donated from Sewing Thread Specialists, a thread wholesaler in Sydney. Isn't that fantastic? I sure think it is!

This beautiful star is from GeorgiaMcDonald. I absolutely LOVE all her blocks, this lady has some fantastic star making skills. Her other quilts are lovely too! And as I was clicking along through her flickr pictures...I kept thinking...I KNOW this lady (in a totally normal way...I am no Internet stalker, I have too many other things to do.) I don't know where and I don't know how but I am pretty sure we have met. Don't you hate that? I do. I can't remember names for the life of me, but I remember all faces.

These are some great stars by chaletgirl13. Don't you think?

These lovelies are by mpfox223. Great stars ladies!
All of your stars are so pretty! You are some wonderful star making stitchers. And so darn quick! It is hard to decide which stars to feature....they are all awesome and are all going to go in some great quilts.

This should be a separate post, but I am too tired to do more than one. Here is the back of my latest Date Night clutch. I love the piecing in this one and the quilting is not bad either. I would happily march out of the house with this under my arm and my sweetie at my side.

Here is the inside of the Stu Tote is goes with. I was supposed to be concentrating on the backpacks for her girls, but the tote and clutch kept calling to me, so I finished them up. I have some fantastic Hero bags to work on tomorrow after a little field trip to go take a closer look of some of the amazing birds in the area.
While we live in the desert the bird life here is amazing. I will get some pictures tomorrow!
Rest well all.


Dragon's Dolphin said...

I love the fact that you even try to feature different stars that you receive. You are such a wonderful lady for heading up this project!

kvinta said...

Tia, this is wonderful news!

I am happy that you have time to concentrate on your own sewing too and of course your family, besides the BushFire Quilt Project.

Lovely bags, as always!

Anonymous said...

You are getting some really great blocks in. What a gracious donation by Honeysuckle Cottage and the thread people.

Simon - aka Bloke said...

hmmm blokes quilt too... :) you should have mine today or tomorrow!


Selina said...

Hi Tia, I came across your blog, and have whipped up some blocks for you. i will be sending them this week. I am excited to be a part of this project! Great work!
Selina xx.

julie said...

Hi! Tia, I found your blog last week via Linda at All Stitched Up.
I thought I too would help. I have completed 2 quilts for you and will mail them to-morrow (Thurs).
Be on the look out for a large yellow Express Post envelope.

Emma said...

I only found your blog when Helen (Mini Grey) pointed me to it for the Bushfire Quilts Projects. I'm amazed by ther detail in your bags; they're quite beautiful!

Dianah said...


I will be miling out a package of blocks on March 2nd. I am waiting to pick up a few more at my Guild meeting on the 26th.


kjansma said...

I found your blog today through whipup. I'll be sending you four quilt blocks, since I only have enough solid light fabric for that right now. (I'm overloaded on bright patterns!) When I told my just-turned-six year old what I was doing, she emptied out her piggy bank and said she wanted to send her money to the people taking care of the animals. So some love will be coming from southern California!

kjansma said...

I'm sorry, I meant to say that I found you through Pink Chalk Studio.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know that I have made a few stars (they are So much fun to do!) and will be sending them soon. I hope to encourage a few of my friends to make some more. I am unable to join the flickr so I thought I would let you know this way. I have also thanked Kim for her support with the donation of backings and thread. Keep upth good work and thank you!

Linda said...

Wow! I have been scrolling back seeing all the stars! They are great!!
Your Stu Tote came out wonderful! Love the stiching and the fabric!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Stu Tote. Do you sell these? Please contact me if you do!

Georgia said...

LOL! I only just read this.
Maybe I have a twin in Alice Springs, like you have one here in Inverell. ;-)

Georgia said...

LOL! I only just read this.
Maybe I have a twin in Alice Springs, like you have one here in Inverell. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love your bags-I have the fullest respect to you for making these bags-I do not have a spouse in the service-but I have to tell you that I would be proud to carry one of these bags to show my respect, honor and thankfulness to the men and women in our armed forces.

Thank you for everything you do to help the women who are far away from their spouse.


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