Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wonky Star Tutorial

Victoria over at The Silly Boo Dilly has made up a very nice Wonky Star Tutorial. Here is a link to it

She also has an example of a quilt she made a couple years ago with the same type star...look at it and you will see what I mean about the stars "twinkling".

Some of you may be intimidated by this star...please DON"T BE! It is such a fun one. Give it a go and I think you might really like the freedom of not being precise.

Thanks so much Victoria for the great tutorial!



Victoria said...

Absolute least I could do.
Thank you!!

Bravos Grandkid said...

This is a great tutorial! Love it. ;)

Julia said...

Hi Tia,
Two wonky star blocks coming your way ..
Victoria's tutorial was easy to follow..
We are doing our bit here in our guild..
I live near Lurline, we go to p/work together..
Julia ♥

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