Friday, March 20, 2009

One of those days

DO you ever have those odd days that just zip minute you are waking up with the kitten clawing your scalp while he kneads your hair, the next you are dropping your kids off at school (did I even get my cup of coffee?) Then a bit later you are surrounded with fabric, then you try to answer some emails...then it is back to do the pick-up. The birds are so very loud and the air is so clear...kinda feels like a dream. But when you arrive at the school you see your child and his class being sprayed by a fire hose? They were being visited by the local fire department and the firemen were spraying the kids with the water. It is still pretty hot here, so the kids dried off on their march back to class. But then the day continued with it's strange flow. Emma wanted me to watch her do her math (which, secretly I find pretty dull) so I decided to work a bit on my doll quilt #6 swap while she added. I am pretty sure I made too many of these little triangles for what I have planned...but those are the breaks. Maybe my partner wants a bigger than doll sized quilt, or maybe I will just make two. Never know what is going to happen around here.
I am worried about my mom, she is ill. Keep her in your prayers.
I am having a sewing weekend so I look foreword to that sew very much. Also we have nailed down a date for the QUILTATHON!!!! It will begin on the 18th of April and carry on to the 19th of April. We plan on it being a 24 hour deal, so as long as it is ok with the town council and we can the the police to stop by more frequently to keep the ruffians away that will be pretty cool. We are now off to hunt down some sponsors...mainly for "Tea" Tea comes in all shapes and sizes here in Oz, so if we are going to be there for 24 hours we will need all kinds of tea to keep us going. Coffee too, of course. I like coffee. Anyone with a hook up at Starbucks? I haven't had any of that for a couple years.
Tomorrow I am also going to photograph some of the quilt tops I have not featured yet. I can't wait to show you all.
Oh and Simon is trying to make the spreadsheet read-able for everyone. Maybe it is just too big? I tried to upload it to google documents and was going to link it that way...but it was to big. I do hope this spreadsheet thing is the biggest snag I run into during this entire Bush Fire Quilt Project. I thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for all your hard work and beautiful blocks...big quilty hugs for all of you!


nicolette said...

Oh yeah, one of those days! I can relate to those!
Love the little triangels for the doll quilt swap!

I send you lots of quilty hugs because you’re doing such a wonderful job with the Bush Fire Quilt Project!

~Michelle~ said...

If you would like, I would send over a pound bag of the Starbucks beans. My sis-in-law works there, so we have a LOT of Starbucks.

silversmith said...

from one military wife to another...who also used to work for starbucks... i'll send you some coffee for the quiltathon. if i send it to the fpo, how long does it take for you to get it in australia? and do you want whole bean or ground?

the Campfollower said...

Oh my darling Starbuck coffee ladies! Thank you so very much! Ground please...that way customs won't think I am trying to grow my own coffee empire. YOu are so very awesome!

silversmith said...

tia - your coffee is on the way!! i sent it today during my lunch break.

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