Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quick post...

This is just going to be a quick post since I have a table full of bags that I am working on, and needed to take a second for a break.

Quilt tops and Liberated Star Quilt blocks have been rolling in all week...I am still in shock about how fabulous you all are in giving of yourselves in this way. We are sure making some awesome quilts together! I just can not thank you enough for giving of yourselves in this manner. While what we are doing here won't rebuild a house, our quilts will help comfort some great people.

Here are 15 quilt tops that have come in over the past couple weeks. Each one has been stitched with such care and love. I need to hang them on the line and get better pictures, but maybe I will wait until after the quilting is finished.

Here are 6 fantastic COMPLETE quilts that have been donated to the Bushfire Quilt project. These will go down in our first shipment to Victoria.

Here are 10 Liberated Star Quilts that have been made by you wonderful ladies and sent already assembled into tops to me. These are all so wonderful that my hands ache to stack them and get started on the quilting. BUT I MUST FINISH MY BAGS FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!! It hurts, but I have to resist. is win/win for me since I have some magnifico bags on the table right now, but I do really want to work on the quilts too. Once again, I do miss having a clone wondering around the house with nothing to do.

Here is the stack of quilt blocks as of Wednesday...these guys need to be sorted into their 25 quilt block groupings so they can be pieced for the quilt-a-thon. The Quilt-a-thon will be in April, so there is still time to get your stars to me. I think I need to get another roll of batting, don't you?
Thank you again so very much for participating in the Bushfire Quilt Project everyone! It is just so amazing to see this stack grow and grow. My husband just finished with our taxes, so he can get back to spreadsheet data entry- then I will post the updated sheet again.
Happy Day All!


Andi said...

What a fantastic project. Well done to all the contributors and especially to you for all the coordination and effort you are putting in.
Andi :-)

Emma said...

Wow, Tia! That's wonderful. can I suggest you make some of the quilts single bed, or even queen-size? They seem to be in most demand. I'll eb working on a couple of star quilts for you this weekend.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

They are all beautiful. How tempting it must be to want to just look through all the blocks and tops. Thank you for posting all the pictures.

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Awesome!!! Maybe you should do a bag or two then quilt, a bag or two and then quilt. That way you can feel satisfied by doing both of the things that you want and need to do!

Leonna said...

I was just wondering how things were going. Glad to see all the blocks posted on the Flicker account and your blog that updates how things are going. Hope you take pictures and blog them when you hold the quilting bee.

belinda said...

Wow...looking at all these pictures
of wonderful 'quilty goodness' is just amazing.....YOU are amazing...I hope you have LOTS of help.....oh, and when you get 'a minute'..(LOL)...would you share with me what type of 'batting' you use???

Elizabethd said...

How wonderful that so many people have collaborated on this project.

jan said...

Hello Tia, It is all thanks to you we are all being allowed to participate in this wonderful thing. I didn't realise the quilts had to be in sets of 25's, I joined mine into a set of 9 ready for you to quilt. Sorry. Picture here on my Blog for you to see
let me know if you want me to undo before I post off to you next week.
Janet in UK

Cascade Lily said...

Fantastic work everyone. Mine are on their way to you too! Another five to add to the pile :)

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