Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Garey Becky Messneger Bag

I have just finished up the last of C. Garey's Becky Messneger bag. I love how it turned out...so bright and happy. I made a Stu tote for her Back in November. I hope it brings Spring along with it's journey to New York. I also made a wee Erica Zippy Wallet and used part of the pant seam for the little loop.

Happy Buttons and French knots

Her set....I use a strip from her Father's uniform to put the quote on, I felt it was appripriate since it was he who said it to her as she was growing up.

Inside the messinger bag

I am really really happy with how this bag looks and feels. I made a sample for myself years ago, but have either given it away or lost it since then. This bag makes me want to make myself another one just for me! I wonder if I have any of my Nurse pants put away somewhere?
I hope you love it, Cheryl and carry it in Health and Happiness!


Victoria said...

totally cool bag!

Anonymous said...

I do love it Tia!!!! Thanks so much!

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