Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Loopy Quilting

SO something dawned on me while I was using Apples Quilting frame (at the mini quiltathon)....Why do I quilt so densely and why do I do it the way I do it? The only "quilting technique" guidance I have ever received was during my 2 hour getting to know your New Bernina class in Texas. It was a quickie and only covered because I wanted to know how "to do that wonderful puzzle like quilting" on my machine. Basically I learned to put on my darning foot, drop my feed dogs and "dance with a blind man" So far it has worked wonderfully for me. I love the way I can detach from reality and let my mind wonder while I quilt up something, but I learned a new way on Saturday! Well...really it was Sunday I did the quilting below but the seed was fertilized on Saturday while I was doing the linear quilting with Apples.

A "new" to me quilter GlitterGoods has a wonderful loopy technique for quilting her modern quilts. I figured that would be awesome for some of the Bushfire Quilts that I have stacked in my sewing room and I was just going to do it my way, but loopy. Which is basically really dense and takes about a day to quilt.

After Apples showed my the light, I had this guy quilted up (using my home machine, NOT a frame or long arm) in about 2 hours. I took far longer to stack and pin the quilt up than it did to quilt it. I am quite happy with the results and I plan on doing a couple more of the quilts with this technique. I am so excited about it that I really have put my desire for a long arm on the back burner, which is a good thing because I REALLY doubt I will have room to have one in our housing at FT Leavenworth.

I did go ahead and wash and dry this guy to see how the wash dealt with it. It came out even better than it was when it went in.
This is the THIRD quilt I have completed for the Bush Fire Quilt Project. Now I am only doing the piecing of the top and quilting, but those are steps that I really like.


Aunt Spicy said...

Ohhhh, I love each of the quilts...but must admit, I spy my squares and so this is now my favorite! Congrats on finishing another one!

Kristin L said...

It is so exciting to see these quilts completed. I look forward to hearing about their delivery and reaction from recipients (if it's possible to find out that kind of info). :-)

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