Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hello, I am not Dead...don't worry.

I have been busy this last week. So very busy. When you guys get sick, does your whole family get ill? We do but rarely do we all get the same thing. That is what happened last week. All 3 kids have been ill (Emma= Ear Infection, Ethan = Contagious Blisters, and Sam = second degree burns on his right hand. That one brought us to the ER))- DR calls the house and says keep your kids at home so they don't make everyone else sick sick. That is finally over and I thought I was going to make it scott free, but not so much. Yesterday I got brought low with an optic Migraine (or at least that is what the Doc says it is)- I took Imitrex because my doc said to, and dear heaven I spent the rest of the day loopy! I hate a day where I am laid up. I REALLY hate those days. I got in a hot shower to see if that if that would wake me up ( I can't be passed out on the couch with 2 little kiddos at home, I just can't) and it felt like my skin was on fire. I am not going to take Imitrex again. To hell with that. I will just deal with not being able to see correctly for about 45 minutes.
I am sure it is stress related- you don't even have to tell me! I know it is. We move on the first of July, the movers come the beginning of June. I am not worried about packing- the movers do all that, I am just worried about not getting everything done I want to before we leave.
Oh and my Bernina sewed right through my middle finger today. I seem to do that alot. Maybe I need a chain mail gauntlet. Anyway, when you do this (if you do this) just be patient and let the needle lift back up - don't yank your finger off the needle shank like I did. Tends to bleed a bit and it broke a pretty nice needle. Wop wop.
A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has given money to buy batting. Thank you so much. I ordered some more and it should be here for the quiltathon on the 16th. Woo pee!!!!
The quilt I am working on above is a lovely one by Solidia in IN. It is lovely! I am really enjoying quilting all these quilts. And I have some more bags on the table almost ready to go out to their mamas.
I am turning in! More later!


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Oh My Goodness, Tia! What a week.
Sick kiddies, migraine, needle in the finger. You are like the Energizer Bunny. You just keep on marching. Take good care of yourself.

silversmith said...

this quilt looks great - i love your loopy-flowing quilting style.

have you tried anything else for migraines? i get them A LOT this past year (dr calls it a migraine attack) and i'm now taking a med called relpax. i like it - no loopiness with it like some of the others.

connie said...

Oh, I am so sorry. I had to cringe when you said you sewed through your finger. I have done the same thing, and I broke the needle off in my finger and IT HURTS!!!! Hang in there. By the way the quilts are looking wonderful. Thank you again for taking on such a project and take care of yourself. I think you must be super mom!

Anita said...

Hope you all are feeling better soon! The quilts are looking great!

Karen said...

Holy Cow Woman!!! Sounds like you need a vacation to recover from last week. Hope everyone is better soon and that your move goes well;)

alda said...

best wishes to you and your family, hope you'll all feel much better soon. Did you received the stars from Germany???

the Campfollower said...

Thanks for the good wishes ladies, I am sure We will be all recovered soon. Very Soon. This is only the 4th migraine I have ever had, and the first time I took the Med. Ideally I had rather just NOT get them at all anymore ;o)


Your lovely fat quarters arrived safe and sound, but the stars have not arrived yet. I will let you know as soon as they do.

LauraJ said...

I hope you're feeling better today. Wear really dark glasses in the house and lay down while you're half blind. I've been half blind in the grocery store. It's a pain the ass. What I do is the minute I start seeing spots I take 2 extra strength tylenols. It doesn't help the vision but it lessons the pain of the headache that is to come in.
I have been thinking about you this week and all the hullabolloo of the moving. Take care.
You quilt so beautifully!

the Campfollower said...

Great advice, Laurajay. I guess I get a little freaked out about headaches because my mom had a massive brain tumor and she had horrendous headaches. The medical situation here in town is a little shakey so I will rest better when my nugget has been looked at a little closer. KWIM? I know nurses are hypochondriacs, but if something bizare is going to happen it will be happening to me. ;o)

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