Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Second Quilt for the BushFire Quilt Project

Here is the Second quilt I have finished for the Bushfire Quilt Project. I love it. As soon as I opened the box from Victoria Shockey and saw her lovely hands started to ache to put her blocks together and quilt her quilt. Well...she sent 24 blocks. 24 perfectly pieced and pressed and trimmed blocks. I needed 25 for a quilt top. Happy day! She sent additional fabric with her blocks, so I made up one more block (I was kinda embarrassed to add my block to hers...but they are all getting on nicely). I had all this extra wonderful fabric, so I made some striped sashing to go between the rows. Ohhhh I think it looks so pretty. Wellsir, with such a pretty top I couldn't just do a quick quilting job! NO WAY! And all my bag sewing stuff was put up so the house wouldn't look like a sweatshop for our guests (it normally does) so all I had out was this quilt. I got to work on it off and on over about 4 days. The next one is going to be more simply quilted. If I can bare it. See...all the tops are so pretty! I feel I HAVE to go the extra mile with the quilting. But the next couple ones I do will be simple...well at least I will try to make them simple.

I added some of my tea dyed cotton to the strips....I love a good tea dye.

I decided on this wonderful sunny back fabric instead of piecing the blue and tea extra fabric that was sent along I also pieced the binding. Who sent this lovely yellow backing? I did such a great job recording the blocks and tops...but kinda fell short on WHICH binding or backing fabric was given by who. I recorded WHO gave backing, but not WHAT they looked like.

Here it is on my table getting all quilted up.

All finished and washed and crinkly! Ummmmmm I LOVE it! I hope this becomes something special to someone.


Paula said...

Great collaborative work for a great cause. Beautiful quilt.

Sherry said...

Hi I have a question to ask you. I'm doing some block for a blogger Jennifer and my blocks are alot smaller then yours she away un finished mine are 6 1/2 in.
and your look larger. Boy I hope I didn't do them wrong. What size are the quilts when there done.I hope you can answer this Thanks and your doing a great job.

the Campfollower said...

Thanks Paula! Sherry, the blocks I was asking for should be 12.5 inches Unfinished.I am not really sure who Jennifer is, but maybe she has a different quilt project going. There are heaps of projects out there right now for the Bushfire victims. Does that help at all? Here is a link to the Flikr group page with the discussion threads It maight help too.


belinda said...

Yes...another great looking quilt!!....your machine quilting looks great!!...I'm scared....I haven't tried the machine quilting far, I just hand quilt.

Aunt Spicy said...

Wow, that quilt is spectacular! The squares are lovely and the stripes are so fun, yellow is perfect for the back!

Selina said...

Wow Tia! It is soo beautiful! You did an amazing job! Can't wait until I see my 2 little blocks in amongst these gorgeous quilts!

Selina xx

Anonymous said...

How lovely that looks, both the blocks and the quilting.

Victoria said...

Stunning! I am so impressed!

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