Sunday, April 12, 2009

I am back!

Our visitors should be back home now...what a nice time we had. Thank you for coming to visit and let us show you a bit about this great area we get to live in.

So despite our guests I still had plenty to do with the Bushfire Quilt Project. I have about another 400 quilt blocks to sort into quilts...but Margret has been coming straight to the house and "mainlining" from the stack so in the next couple days that stack should be down to nothing. Our mail has also been very always is over Spring Break, so if I don't have your stuff yet, don't fret It is just waiting at the warehouse in Sydney for a flight out here to the Bush.

Monday Week Apples, Amy and Margret (different Margret from the one mentioned above) and I stacked 13 quilts with backing and the batting that Kim got us. All that batting is used, so we are waiting for the roll I ordered from Quilter's Dream Batting. Their Cotton is my favorite. Have any of you tried the wool? I love a good wool batting. Anyway the money I used to buy the batting roll was donated. Now we may still need to raise some more funds for even MORE wadding because this quilt project has gotten so very much larger than anything I ever imagined.

Those are some of the wonderful quilts we stacked Monday. I kept saying over and over...."How beautiful they all are!" And they are. I love all the colors and prints you all used! What a great project!
OK, I need to go paint some eggs with the kiddos! I will be back with 2 more posts in a bit.


Jan said...

When you show the finished quilts can you tell us which # they are? That might make it easier for us to spot the blocks we sent! Beautiful quilts! Every one will be special! Thanks for all your hard work!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful quilts you are making with all the donated blocks. They all look fabulous.

Tif said...

yay!!! i see my star! i'm so honored to have been able to make the quilt!

bravo to this wonderful cause tia! *hug*

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