Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy May 2

We are having a Ball tonight. There are actually 4 balls going on in/ near town so this is a big night for a babysitter, right? we booked ours about 4 months ago. Totally stole her from my friend Erica (sorry about that Erica) It was my husbands fault - he doesn't know babysitter protocol. Anyway I have been trying to get hold of her for the past 6 weeks or so trying to cement the time she is to be here so Stu and I can go be the host/hostess with the mostess. Well something was dorked up with her cell phone and I finally tracked her down at work. Thank goodness because she had forgotten. Yeah....that just would not have been wonderful. Anyway, yesterday I finally finished hemming my dress and I made a little evening bag from the scraps.

The BDU on the bottom is a scrap from someones uniform. It was under the table and handy when I needed to make the bag bigger. Not a bad little bag, huh?
Well I guess I should go begin the primping...but I think I might have time to finish one of the Malloy bags or the little extra she is getting....we shall see.


Jen said...

So excited to see your creations, Tia! I hope you and your husband have a wonderful time at the ball!

julie said...

Tia, enjoy yourself at the Ball.
I have sent you an e-mail at re my friend taking 5 quilts to you. She will be there 2 days only.
E-mail me at

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