Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Saturday Morning

Good Morning!

I hope your Saturday is going to be awesome. I think mine is going to be pretty good. We are going to clean all day (I am going to take a couple breaks to go quilt and go to the shop) the kiddos have already collected the limes that have fallen and are chomping at the bit to pick some tangelos (I like to supervise this process - as I just want them to pick what we will be eating). It is going to be a great day. We are having some guests over for Mexican food this evening so I am going to try to figure out a good Mojito recipe for the limes and mint that are ready to be used. I know Mojitos and Mexican probably don't go together, but oh well that is what is on the menu for dinner.

Over the week I have been de-cluttering and cleaning to get ready for the big move back to the US. We brought so little here, but have sure acquired a heap of stuff while we have lived here in Australia. I am trying to recall what I have in storage in Texas so I don't really have doubles and triples. See the first problem with that began when the movers did not pack my kitchen. When our household goods arrived I had no dishes, pots, utensils, measuring cups Nada. I got to buy all that stuff over again here in Alice Springs. Well I have some lovely stuff back in the US, so I don't need this here. I am going to have a yard sale I guess. But I decided to start with my fabric rooms. I have already done one purging, the other day I sorted through my scrap bins. While Herman supervised and got some sun on his butt. That must feel good, he sure was not moving. At one point I thought he was dead, but then the purring started back up again.

See, this is the results of my scrap sort. The stuff in the pink bags are lovely scraps - that I JUST DON'T NEED to find quilting zen. I will be giving some to friends and the rest to the the "Nimble Thimbles" here in town. They make receiving blankets for the stillborn babies at the hospital. That is a great cause I think - having had several (stillborns - not causes) myself. The scraps and quilt tops in the bins are making the move with me.

While I sorted scraps Emma helped me match up fabric with children in Ethan's class. I am making a teacher quilt for his 2 teachers. It will be hands again. Pretty simple, but I love this type quilt.

On a bit of a different note....French General is coming out with their first line of fabric named Rouenneries!!! I am so darn excited about this. When I was in the Army my salary went towards buying antiques in Germany. We have the most wonderful French, Swedish and German pieces (In Storage - Not here) And I can not wait to nest again! I was mad for Old European textiles. But now I can make my own!!!! Hot dog. And not only that....I will be able to go to a real Fabric shop to see and purchase said items. Wow. I will still be doing a heap of fabric shopping online (I just find that so darn simple, but there is nothing like wondering around fondling bolts of fabric in a haze).
OK, I need to go get to work. Have a great weekend everyone.


Claudia said...

Herman looks so very content! I can't wait to your finished quilts...they look so happy and cheerful already

Anita said...

I'm psyched, too, when I heard that French General was joining Moda. SO cool!

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

oh that quilting is deee-vine! the perfect choice! I am always filled with admiration and a little envy! :)

Those hands are adorable.

the Campfollower said...

Hi Ladies! The French General line is going to be awesome, Claudia you are going to be getting some scraps with your bags and Rachel - I searched Bushfire on Amazon and that is pretty funny. Thanks. Silly lady!

Rafael's Mum said...

you are so good to sort out ! I end up with a bigger "keep" than "throw" lol !! I'm off to a local quilt show this morning. mmmm... more fabric..... Hope you have a great time with your meal.

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

I feel your pain Tia, as my baby died at 36 weeks gestation and was stillborn. I've had another one since then and now i'm done! You can read the story on my blog, if you like, by clicking on the rocket quilt on the left side.

SewAmy said...

can't wait to see progress on the 'hand' quilt.

suze said...

I am loving your quilts! I have never heard of the bush fire block.

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