Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Post - but kinda scattered

OK, I am very happy to post this post, but it will be scattered because there is so much going on in my life right now that it can't help but be. I will try to remain focused.

This is one of the last quilts I finished (I do have 2 more from Alda that I am working on, but they may have to wait until the Berninas and I get back together in Kansas you see I have this wonderful plan for them). This quilt is from Marguerite in the UK. She cut up a Laura Ashely dress to get to the floral lawn fabric. And I must say that this quilt feels so wonderful.

I used a really wonderful Wool Batting with this one and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how it feels beneath the lawn. I did not quilt this one densely because I wanted the wonderful loft that the wool would give and I was NOT disappointed when I took it out of the dryer. Oh my goodness. I do love it so.

Here is the front. All those hearts are hand stitched on with the most tiny stitches. Marguerite sure made an heirloom here didn't she?

After I finished the binding on Marguerite's quilt and while the quilt was in the wash (I wanted to make sure it washed up well before sending it off to Victoria) I packed up my sewing room. Most of my fabric is now in boxes out in the living room. That is a ton of fabric, but so much potential huh? When I open those boxes in Kansas I will be ready to create wonderful things! I can't tell you how happy my husband is that I have packed up some of the fabric. He immediately took down the shelves and took me out for Thai food. Not a bad deal.

Here are the books that I am reading right now. I am thrilled for the new Material Obsession Two to be out here in Australia. It is lovely. I have not really had a chance to sit down and look at it closely, I just thumbed through it a couple times. It arrived wrapped in batting with a stripy bow! I wrap my gifts with fabric, how clever to use batting. I may try that in the future too.
Juliet Marillier is one of my new favorite authors. She writes old fairy tales and legends as novels and she can paint a visual image wonderfully. If you are at a loss without Harry Potter and Twilight and you have read all the Out lander books give Juliet's books a go. I would begin with Daughter of the Forrest if I were you. It is the story of the "7 Swans" and it is beautiful.
** OK here is an update since I started this post. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MO2. I like it so much better than the first one. I really can't put my finger on why, but I do. So, next year when it is published for the US market make sure you all get a copy. For those of you here in Australia, I completely recommend it now. I will dedicate a whole post to the book after the movers cart all my goods away. I will have heaps of time on my hands then.

Here I am with 105 quilts ready for Toby and Marianne to come collect them and load them all up onto their trailer for the long drive down to Victoria. How awesome is that? I was moping around fretting about how I was going to get all these wonderful quilts to Victoria (Australian Air Express WAS going to ship them all for free, but we ran out of time and there were more than they bargained for. Woops.) Anyway I was worried. The movers are going to be coming soon and I can't even get around my living room with all the boxes in the way...well I ran into Marianne and her husband Toby at the store and over a hot cinnamon donut they offered to drive them down. He has a trailer to return to his dad and Jan is right on the way! Hot dog.

Here they are all loaded up and ready for their next leg of the journey. Sooooo if you would like to see your quilts again check Jan's blog Oz Comfort Quilts. She will be distributing them. I have gotten a few since we packed all these up. They will be going to another quilt distributor. I will put more information about that later. For now I need to go back to sorting for the move. Isn't it amazing all the rubbish you accumulate in 3 years? I am sure there is tons of stuff I have forgotten to put in this post, but I am so scattered right now, and I really wanted you to know a bit about what is going on.


jmbmommy said...

WOW, Your plate is full. I was just peeking over here to check out when you all were getting back to the States, and it seems like it is just around the corner. The boxes and boxes of quilts are amazing. What a wonderful thing you brought together! Best wishes for a safe and peaceful trip! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Rafael's Mum said...

You are most kind Tia, thank you for your glowing review. Really, it is you who finished it and quilted it, I am so grateful you were able to do it! And I am glad it has come out so well.

I do hope you will be able to have a bit of a rest before the big move. You thoroughly deserve it!

Haven't read Juliet Marillier before, but it sounds nice. Must try it over the summer.

Well done 105 quilts sent off. A marvellous result!

the Campfollower said...

You all are sweet. We fly out on the 30th so the movers come this week to pack all our gear up and then we just hang out until the plane comes. The quilt drive was such an awesome success because of AWESOME quilters like you who sent in wonderful things to create with and the stunningly generous quilters here in town who put all of their projects on hold to work on this one with me! I Love the Love. 2 more quilts got dropped off today, so they are up on the Flickr site. Super pretty ones, they are.

Rafael's Mum said...

They sure are lovely! Many people in our Guild loved making the stars and the committee was so impressed with the lovely results they are thinking of using this starblock for their next charity quilt (it gets collectively made and quilted, then raffled for charity). So more stars doing their good work!

It'll be great to be all packed and just hang out. No worries about what still needs to be done and you can relax and enjoy those few days !! Great! I hope you have a great time. I suppose once you are packed next week we will not hear from you till Kansas? I think your computer not packed just yet but in case you suddenly disappear from the air... hope your flight and relocation go well!

connie said...

You are so busy, I do not know how you have kept your head in all of this. Thank you. What a great thing that your friends will deliver the quilts. One less thing for you to worry about. Have a great day...

Kim said...

You have gone up and beyond the call of compassion with your quilt project for the bush fires in Victoria. I'm sure your cup of blessings is full to overflowing. I have been amazed by the generosity of quilter's all over the world and want to compliment all of you on your efforts and to the ladies who helped you put them all together and quilt them. Marvelous work ladies!!!

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