Monday, June 22, 2009

The Packers just left

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope you all had a great father's day we did. We woke up early and did some more sorting then went out for lunch after a nice walk down the mall (walking street here in town - not really a shopping mall, but you can do a great deal of shopping there, so I guess it is like a mall in the US) we went back home and did more sorting and then had vindaloo for dinner. Nice day. Stu got his quilt and he wants to name it "General Longstreet" I don't really know why, he said something about the Civil War, but I can't quite remember what exactly since I was doing too much multi tasking at the moment. So this quilt is now named "General Longstreet". ( I have since put the name together with the why - General Longstreet was a confederate General and since the quilt looks kinds like some from Gee's bend viola it has a Southern name.) It is mostly all clothing that we have outgrown or worn out while we have been living here in Alice Springs. In my opinion it has a nice "Gee's Bend" feel to it. It is also the first quilt I have ever tied, so that was kinda fun, but I don't think I am ever going to do that again any time soon. I had much rather use my lovely sewing machine to quilt with.

Here are some of my quilts waiting to be packed up. I have a bunch more somewhere. I guess they are in a box in Emma's room...or at least I hope they are in a box somewhere since everything is packed up except my closet and some of the outside things.

The packers arrived bright and early (minus 3 fellows so instead of it being a 1 day operation it has stretched into a 2 day gig. Yay.) this morning and after a couple strong cups of coffee began doing their thing. I packed the rest of my sewing stuff and now all I have left is my bits of homework or handwork, and some books. I am pretty sure that some of the shoes I wanted to pack in the suitcases for the kids are packed in big boxes. But since we are going to the land of plenty we can just get more.
This giant bag of packing paper really made me happy. I always have felt that the waste with moving papers was pretty big and cringed inside with each ream used to wrap up my dishes. But I know the paper is important and I DO want my stuff to arrive whole and usable and NOT smashed to powder. Well, the packers brought 2 of these giant bags of packing paper that had been used a couple times before on other peoples moves. So that is good. Yay reusing papers! OK, that is it for now, I am sure I should be doing something else...and I also know I could make this story really funny - but the next one will be. Maybe.
have a great day, all!

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Rafael's Mum said...

Yeay! Clean house! I always do that, even without inspectors coming, and funnily enough, the landlords never expect it and always are amazed... (used to move a lot, not now but have the experience!) and then of course, the one you come into is always dirty to the core... so you spend indepth cleaning all over again. Don't you just hate it? I have never, never moved into a house yet I didn't have to clean... The new people in your house are lucky. Well done!

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