Monday, June 29, 2009

What is in my Carry On Bag?

Since we are going to be on an Aircraft for over 14 hours (the first leg is that long, there is a follow on flight to Denver that will be a couple hours as well) Wednesday I decided to make myself some "Stitch Kits" to occupy my fingers. I have a couple books as well, but these are in case I feel like sewing.

I have this little kit for making 9 patches. I may leave this one in my suitcase, it is still up in the air. We will see. Last time I just read because I had a great book, but this go round my book is taking a while to really "get into". Anyway...we will see if there is room after everything is in final configuration.

I have really been LOVING working on this little doll quilt for Lucinda. She sent me an AWESOME little blue chair and this is my swap to her. I can really find some peace in the evenings and mornings working on this. I will be adding a bunch more little French Knot blooms to the tree over the unicorn.

So, because the needle work is so fun and soothing to do I figure it might be nice to work on something at about 30,000 feet. The little pair of scissors will be checked in my suitcase, heaven forbid I bring something sharp and pointy on an aircraft.

This is a full view of the doll quilt. Yeah, I know stars in the day time are pretty stupid, but I liked how they looked. The Unicorn fabric is from Far Far Away by Heather Ross. I must say that the double gauze is amazing to hand quilt on. Very soft. I don't like how I did the binding, but I had to work with what I left myself. I was going to do a pieced binding, but the movers got here and packed all my stuff up.
This is the Thimble from one of my favorite necklaces. I really like this thimble because the outside is textured so you can easily push, and kinda grip the needle through the fabric with it and there is no raised rim around the base so it does not rub against your other fingers. Of course it is really pretty too. I got it at the Jinny Beyer workshop back in March and pretty much have worn and used it everyday since. Jinny has them on her website as well I think. Jinny wore the most beautiful one. It had the thimble cage, thread cutter, some tiny scissors, a needle case and sweet little pin cushion. All the little tools hung from a big piece of Jade (I think...I can't really recall which stone, but I think it was a Jade set in silver.

The thimble fits in the cage and I wear it on a long chain with a very handy thread cutter. See, safe and so pretty. What a value. At least I keep telling myself that. LOL.
Well, we just got back in from watching Transformers 2 after a very great dinner at Oscars. I love their Pasta Zucca there is something amazing about roasted pumpkin, red chili's, rocket and linguine all together. Not a bad way to spend our last night in Alice Springs.
Tomorrow I want to post my book review of Material Obsession Two. I was not real wild about the first one...but this one, oh yeah! It is fantastic and I will tell you why I think so in the next post - providing I still have coms.


Rafael's Mum said...

I have ordered MO2! can't believe I have that flying in.... Should really have waited a couple of months till it's in the shops here... but hey... Tempation is there so we can give into it :-) Hope your little kit in the plane works out. It's always good to have a book and sewing. some variation!

Anita said...

That thimble is amazing! It's so beautiful. Hope you all survive your long plane ride. It's definitely a good idea to pack a variety of things to keep busy. See you Stateside soon!

Brit said...

i have a thread cutter pendant I wear on my neck on the plane but this is so beautiful!

beth said...

i enjoyed seeing your travel kits. I think they are both great. I'm going to try something similar.:)

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