Sunday, June 28, 2009

Being a tourist

Have you ever lived in a wonderful town, but been blind to the wonder because it became like wallpaper to you? Something beautiful, but there everyday so you take it for granted? I don't think I was like that here since everyday we found something new and amazing here in Alice, but this week we have gone back to explore some of our favorite spots.

A couple days ago we went to Telegraph Station for a bit of a picnic. Telegraph Station is a place with a ton of history. And despite all our kids running around it still has the most amazing sense of peace. You can sit on a blanket by the river bed and listen to the wind blow through the gum trees and be surprised by a pair of green ringneck parrots exit their nest in a hollow tree limb. Gullahs and Magpies help you eat your lunch.

Well after our lunch of Nutella and oranges we set off on a bit of an adventure. We went to "Climb the Big Rock" Which we did with not that much drama, which is surprising since there were almost a dozen kids, but like their goat nickname suggests they all scrambled up the rocks with no difficulty. Even the little ones.

Going back down was a bit of a challenge as most of the children were not our own and none of us (Moms) wanted to be responsible for telling one of our friends that their child fell and broke their leg or was bit on the head by a Mulga snake (I was looking for a really impressive picture of one of these guys...they are really creepy in that they are so large and inject the largest amount of venom when they bite. Who conducted that study I wonder? I bet they had a hell of a time getting insurance)
Anyway we had the kids kinda form a line to get down the hill and it went pretty well. We were all joking about what a horrible idea it was and if maybe we were being filmed for some new reality show (Take 12 children into the desert, traverse major landmarks and whoever comes back with the most children, healthy and whole ((and fed)) wins ). But overall we all had a really good time.

This is part of the rock we climbed up.

The weather was great too...enormous storm clouds roiling in the distance but it was just a tease, not a drop of moisture was released.

Before Going to Telegraph Station I went to my last Piece Makers meeting. These are the ladies who are in my quilting club here in town. These are some great ladies. I will miss them very much. I am not very good at "Goodbyes". I had just rather ripping off a band aid. But they were so sweet. Look at the beautiful quilt they made me! I went and dumped 120 quilts on them to assemble and quilt and bind and they thanked me for it. Gosh, I love quilters! Such a giving nature. I know that is probably a big generalization - but from what I have experienced all over the world it was not politicians sending me quilt blocks, it was quilters. (well I know that is not a good analogy either - but I am trying to hurry since my husband is having a layout inspection of all the suitcases and I should probably get involved in it). The quilters of Alice Springs will always have a dear place in my heart. Thank you for all that you taught me. For all of you out there who do not have a group of ladies to quilt with I really recommend you find a group. It is wonderful to work solitary (which I normally do) but the camaraderie you will get from a bunch of other ladies is really rewarding. They have so much to teach, and not just about quilts, but about life. Go learn. You will be richer for it.

Last in this post is THE BEANIE FESTIVAL. I have gone every year that I have been here and it is my favorite event the Alice Springs has to offer. Thousands of hand knitted and felted hats fill the room and you try on as many as you can to select the perfect one. There are mirrors everywhere and you just go down the lines. Emma is normally my only buddy that comes along with me, but this year I took all 3 kiddos. They were big helpers finding the perfect hats. I have some more for presents for my sisters and mom!

See my helpers? We went again yesterday, but we had to walk since we have sold our truck. They marched along anticipating the Kangaroo tail that was being prepared.
Living here in Australia has been such a blessing in so many ways. We will all miss it, but I am sure Kansas will be amazing too!


Rafael's Mum said...

You have a beautiful family Tia! Look at their lovely faces... Thank you for sharing your adventures. It's so interesting to see what it is like there! I'm looking forward to seeing what Kansas is like too although it will be strange to make the mental switch having you in another part of the world! (can only imagine what it will be like making the physical switch!) Great mountain trek!

the Campfollower said...

Thanks, Margurite! We are pretty excited...I am just ready to get on the plane and then see my family in North Carolina for a bit before heading over to Kansas.

Rafael's Mum said...

I hope you have a great time with your family and settle in ok after that. A lot of travelling but then I suppose it's "home" ('new home')!!

Marie said...

The last few months that I have found and read your blog, has taken me to one of the places on my list to visit.
Thank you for sharing the wonderful adventures you and your family have had and your the new friends you have made.

Have a wonderful trip home.

Marie in New Mexico

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