Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yay Inspection people!

Yay!!! We passed our housing inspection! Well, we really never thought we would fail it, but it sure was easy to pass. Stu and I have always lived in "Post Housing" at all of our military bases. We did give living on the economy a go when we were in Heidelberg, Germany, but that was a complete disaster everything from living with all the glaring Russian refugees to the high tension power lines and giant transformers RIGHT in the back yard to the landlords and them not fixing anything....I made a solemn vow to just go ahead and live on post and keep to the situation I was familiar with. In my defense Stu was still stationed in Italy and I was in charge of finding us an apartment for when he finally moved up to Germany to live with me. I was an Army Nurse at the time workin my tail off at the hospital doing ridiculously long shifts so the only time I had to look at apartments was late at night when it was dark. So I didn't see all the crap that surrounded the apartment. In reflection it is quite funny, but it sure wasn't then. There was nowhere really to walk my darling Wire Haired Daschund, Fritz. Poor fellow. But I digress...I just want you to know how hard we worked to clean the house and all the inspectors did was stroll over to the table and have my husband sigh papers. We are used to some really pissed NCO measuring the length of our grass in the backyard and dawning white gloves to check for dust on the ceiling fans...none of that nonsense among the civilian population. He just said "Your house looks great" Well...OK.

So I will show you what I cleaned with! You may appreciate it even if housing man didn't. Several of you have written me about the ENJO stuff. First of all...No, I do not sell it. But I do use it everyday, and really really like it. If you are in the US here is the website for you LINK. You have a show, like a Tupperware show or a Loggaberger basket show. A consultant comes to your house and shows you and your friends how to easily clean your home using nothing but their super awesome clothes and water. And they work really really well. I like to clean my a matter of fact it is the LAST thing I do before heading to my bedroom at night. I clean up the kitchen counters so I can have a nice quiet cup of coffee in the morning and enjoy a bit of peace before my day begins. I use a tea towel and my water bottle with Lavender essential oil. It is a very soothing ritual for me.

Now I am a bit of a hippie...I guess the term these days is "Crunchy Conservative". Heck I even took an Herbal Medicine class with Susun Weed. And my husband totally mocks me for how long it takes me to select produce from the grocery store " Tia, do you have to touch all the apples?" Yes, I do. I can spend hours in a good grocery store. But I digress again...sorry about that. I like using herbal essential oils in my little concoctions, and I REALLY like using the lemons and limes from my back yard to clean off the calcium deposits off the water taps (not that the housing man noticed). But I know and that makes me happy.

So, this big fella is Andrew Langford. He is a Dig player. That is the Didgeridoo I bought today. We did the tourist thing a couple weeks ago and went to see him in concert and really liked the performance of him and his band. If you are in Alice Springs and want to listen to some great Didgeridoo sounds go listen to the Sounds of Starlight. Oh and the hostess wears the greatest boots and sweaters (she has other clothing on as well, but she wears the best boots....I really want some too) but I thought it would be too weird to ask her. Sorry folks.



Breezy Bree said...

Glad the walk through went ok, I remember paying for the walls in my DD's bedroom to be repainted after an incident with grape juice !!

LauraJ said...

I love to hear how other people clean their houses. You know you're the second person I know who doesn't buy paper towels. I'm the first. People are always looking at me strangely when I tell them I don't have PT. I don't like the expense and I don't like killing trees to wipe up spills.Like you, I invest in a lot of kitchen towels.

One Little Thread said...

Oh yes, I love my Enjo bits as well. I brought them from Oz to Asia and my 'helper' loves them too.
We had friends here who left a mark on a wall and the landlord tried to get them to pay for repainting the whole of the room!
Alison, Singapore

Erica said...

Hey girlie! Glad everything went well with housing! We are in Hawaii having a great time. Have a good trip home!

Marie said...

Awesome, glad the housing inspection went trough. Have a wonderful trip home.

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