Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bush Fire quilt update

I have been lax about blog posting, but we have been having a great time getting readjusted to living back in the USA. Sounds kinda silly I guess, but it is a bit of a readjustment. I will miss my easy going Alice Springs days and my scant traffic time.

I just wanted to give you who donated to the Bush Fire Quilt project a bit of an update. All the quilts have been delivered to Jan of "Oz Comfort Quilts" She will be in Kinglake passing them out.

Here is what Jan wrote me this morning

We delivered the quilts yesterday and the lady who is handing them out was thrilled with them. We took down 220 quilts so almost all of the ones you made have been sent down already. She was so touched when she read a message on one of the stars and she messaged me this am to say that she's already given out 10 quilts last night and will get the rest out ASAP. She is a teacher at Kinglake and is working with one of the local churches. We've sort of started an outreach program with the quilts and knitted hats and scarves and the people are so appreciative that all the work has been worth it.I really appreciate your donation of quilts and trust that I could get them to where they are most needed. The winter is very hard in that area but we had a lovely sunny day yesterday, thankfully as we had the quilts on the 4WD roof rack and a trailer as well as the car being stashed full.

You can keep up with the Oz Comfort Quilt project via Jan's blog ( ). I still have 3 tops and a smaller one with my household goods which I will be finishing and sending down when I am all linked back up with my things.

I have enjoyed working on this amazing project so much. I have loved meeting all you wonderful people and we will find another good cause to quilt for when I am settled in Kansas. We will be setting off for the last leg of our road trip either tomorrow or Monday. I had so much to blog about while I was here in NC, but time just got away from me.

Have a great weekend!


Chris said...

Glad you are settling into your new life.
Thanks for the update on the quilts. I have lost where you posted about all the finished quilts and their pictures - can you remind me?
Chris x

Kristin L said...

Thanks for teh update. I look forward to seeing what you come up with when you settle down. No pressure, of course. Getting settled is job #1!

the Campfollower said...

Thanks so much ladies!

Chris, if you click on the "Bushfire Quilt Project" button over there on the right hand side of my blog it will take you straight to the Flickr group where I put up all the pictures. There are hundreds of pictures of quilts, tops blocks...tons and tons of photos. I hope you find what you are after. If you don't just let me know and I will help you out.


Anonymous said...

Tia welcome to the USA! Your new place looks amazing. Your new "old" sewing machine photos gives me the "I want one too*s"! Thanks for the update on the quilts. What a great time of year for you to be moving in. It's a good time for the children to get adjusted before school starts. Have you seen some of the wonky star quilts people have been making! You really started something. Now everyone wants to make one for themselves. I love yours. Looking forward to seeing photos of your first quilt project! T

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