Monday, September 28, 2009

Crafty Happenings

Good Morning All!

Have you noticed that the weather has a bit of a chill in it? I sure noticed it this morning during my early walk. The wind was howling over the singers on my MP3 player and leaves were swirling around my feet while acorns cracked beneath my shoes. I do believe fall in on the horizon! I LOVE fall. I have missed it. I am a bit thin blooded these days, so I don't know how much longer the early strolls will last, I may be moving my morning routine to the living room with a nice rousing round of yoga.

Anyway, let's get on to crafty news. I have wanted to change up my straps for some time. The straps are quite honestly the part of the bag I least like to make. So....I cut into the leather hides I bought in Waynesville, NC this summer and made some straps. Of course that meant I needed to make some bags too, right? Just to test them out....

This is a swag bag - I used water resistant canvas (same kind used in the Australian Swags), some little surprise bits of Australian BDU, lined the bag with a soothing lavender linen and made a long leather strap. The strap is not long enough to be a messenger, just a longer shoulder strap. I like this bag - but I don't think I love it. It will either be retired to one of the kids or one of you are welcome to it if you like.

I also upgraded the Molly Purse a bit. Now this one I quite like. The leather straps feel great and I think I prefer the magnetic snap to the button.

The Echino lining is nice and bright with plenty of happy birdies. I put a bit of Velcro on the pocket so you can stick your name tape on it if you like.

The skulls are a bit odd on the closure, but oh, well, I liked the pink with the lining and I wanted the symmetry of the Menagerie Damask pattern.
I think I will be putting this one in my little shop. So if you think it would be nice on your arm go on over and add it to your basket.

I also got some books. I can't wait to begin the new one by Diana Gabaldon. I am going to save it as a treat for after I have finished the commission quilt I am working on.
Speaking of which I need to work on it.
Have a great day and enjoy the beginning of fall!
**Ellie update- she is getting larger and larger and just kinda moves around the house from sunny patch to sunny patch. She looks so content, though. I wonder if I ever had such an expression on my face when my belly was so swollen with the babies within. She likes to roll over on her back so her kitties can be palpated, we do love the little kicks and movement. It shouldn't be much longer now....


Brenda said...

I'm just writing a review of the Gabaldon book for the paper I write for -- my take is that she wastes the first 100 pages and then gets into the story. lots of twists and turns as usual!

the Campfollower said...

So you have already finished it? Holy cow you are a quick reader! OK, so was it great? The last Book (Breath of snow and Ashes) left me exhausted....thank goodness I have had years to recover. I think Diana has a rare gift for story telling, and I just can't wait to start reading!

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