Monday, October 5, 2009

Another busy week

Wonderful Sunday Morning to you all!

It sure has been a busy week here at Clan Curtis. I have been busy with this fantastic quilt for Michelle Engel Bencsko. This is not an accurate up to the minute picture of it since I am actually quilting it now (first big quilt quilted in my new sunny space). But my sunny space is a wreck so I am not showing it ;o)

My wonderful parents stopped in for 2 nights on their drive back to North Carolina from San Francisco (my little sister lives there - Hi Laura!). And it was another great visit. We even got a babysitter so just Stu, me and my parents could have a little date night. It was very nice. I have wonderful parents - I hope I can be at least half the mother mine was to me, and my father is such a Great man. Great as in Honorable, sincere, courageous, brilliant. He will always have a a patient ear when I have problems - he won't give me the answer, but he will assist me in finding the answer within myself.

Yesterday was the BIG FALL YARD SALE here on post. Stu and I have been sorting out our "STUFF" since we moved in and it has been put in our garage like parking space over the weeks. Friday my mother and I sorted all that stuff and set up for the big day on Saturday. I got up at 0500 to make some coffee and sell off our stuff. My mother was right there beside me (Thank you so much for helping me out, Mom. I could not have done it without you!) Happily raising prices and encouraging people that it was a great deal. I just wanted to get rid of all the baby clothing and toys that were in storage for the 3 years we were in Australia. My neighbors were wondering WHY I had so much....wellsir, we only had a couple weeks before moving to Australia when my husband got home from Iraq back in Dec of 2006, so I was busy running around getting passports with special stamps and trying to think ahead to what we would need to live 3 years in the remote center of Australia. When the packers came I just told them to put it all in storage and I would deal with it when we got back....well that is what I did yesterday. I dealt with it.

It was so cathartic- but so exhausting. Oh and I am NOT ready for the cold. It was so cold yesterday. I had one of my silly looking beanie hats on so my head and ears were nice and toasty, but I couldn't find any gloves. My fingers are still sore from being so cold yesterday, from being cold and having to work. I have gotten so thin-skinned after my stay in the Outback sun. I know I am going to have to toughen up, but I am going to whine a bit about it (to myself). The powers that be will not be turning on the heat until the first of November, so it may get chilly in here before then. Now, today is a beautiful day. Sunny and pleasant. A perfect fall day.

Last night after cleaning up from the yard sale I made myself a little pair of handwarmers. I searched around on first and saw the best little knitted ones like this pair and this pair. I sure wish I could knit, but I can't. I can sew a bit though. SO I made these by tracing my hand and wrist on an old T-shirt and whip stitching them together with a strong black thread. They look awful, but my hands are a bit warmer.
OK, I need to get back to my quilt before we venture out to the Apple Festival in Westen, MO.


Rafael's Mum said...

I can knit but only straight and purl... none of those fancy things like increasing, decreasing or weird and wonderful colours...

They sure look nice though.. putting it on my list to try! but my 'to do' list is long and a few urgent things on it with deadlines so can't do immediately..

Hope you warm up a bit. I have a small electric barheater next to my sewing table I hug...:-)

Anonymous said...

Tia, how lovely to have your family come to visit and to be so helpful too!! Lucky you!! If you go to a thrift store, grab a 100 % wool sweater, the kind that will shrink, make hand warmers from the cut off sleeves, wash in hot water and decorate as you please!! You will have felted the wool to your size when you wash it. It is quite fun, kids like to do it too. Gail Norback

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