Friday, October 23, 2009

Dreary Thursday

Happy Thursday to you all,

It is damp and dreary here. I like it, but it is grey. I got a rather rude email this morning ...but I won't go into it here. Just suffice it to say it ticked me off.

So there....I am taking my ball and going home. But not really.

OK, let's look at my latest quilt.

The Willow and White Gum Leaf quilt is all finished and up on the wall. Can you see that blue stain over on the side? is ink form some damn thing, I don't know what. I was clipping the very very very last thread from the binding, getting ready to stand back and admire it and what do you know? there was a little blue mark, so I rubbed it (thinking it was a tad of lint) and it spread to this. Oh well....the quilt is for me and I love it anyway.

Here is what it looks like a little further away. Not bad, blue mark and all.

I think this guy is the real reason I am freaking out a bit. He goes in for surgery tomorrow. Last time one of my boys had dental surgery he almost died in recovery, so I am a bit of a basket case. I had nightmares last night that I was having my teeth drilled all night. My jaws are still sore.
Yes I do brush my children's teeth. And we rarely eat candy and almost NEVER juice. I loath soda, so they don't get that either, unless we are at a restaurant.
I am learning quite a bit from the cats. Thank goodness the male is fixed, the female will have her uterus removed as soon as she weans her kitties. We had her appointment at the same time as the male, but she was already so obviously pregnant, that I held off. Isn't that stupid? Just because I am anti-abortion for myself I decided that surely my cat would have the same feelings. I have a pretty horrible story that I kinda want to share just to get it off my chest, but I am afraid some of you will be ill all over your computers. I would hate for that to happen.
Let me wrap this post up with a big THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to everyone who ordered a bag this last go round. I figure these orders will keep me busy for a good bit. Normally it takes a while for the uniforms, order forms, and fabric to all come together here in my sewing room but when they do! Woo hoo!!! It is going to be great. I will have a little list over on the side so you can all see where you are on the list and where I am on your bag. Please don't be a stranger!


lesthook said...

You could just put another little leaf over the blue spot to cover it. And some kids have tooth problem no matter what you do!My grandson is almost 4 and just had some dental work done and his mom is like you about what he eats and drinks.

silversmith said...

i've used this technique to get out ink: get some vaseline and make an outline just a little bit away from the ink spot. then take rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab and apply the rubbing alcohol to the spot. it should dissolve the ink and the vaseline protects the rest of the fabric from spreading. then wash...

Beth said...

You left way to many unfinished storys. Thats going to drive me a little crazy.
I will be praying that all goes well for your little baby. I hope he feels better soon after.
You feel better too Tia.

Kristin L said...

I hope surgery goes well for your little man. Your quilt turned out very pretty -- I bet after things calm down a bit, you'll come up with a solution to your ink blot. Deep breaths!

Emily said...

Another great trick for ink is hairspray. I promise it works. Spray on the spot and you'll see it start to spread and lift right away. I usually launder when it's starts doing that, and the washing machine gets the rest out. Good Luck!

Michelle said...

I agree with Beth, I want to know more!! Anyhoo, your quilt is beautiful! As for your son, will be praying for him and peace for your family.

Francy said...

Love your quilt. The blue gives it a cool personality :o)

I will have you all in my prayers for your baby boys safe return home tomorrow night with out any problems.

Sending you guys Hugs.

Breezy Bree said...

Is it a silly question to ask if you've washed it with a stain remover? One of my boys drew on a baby quilt I was sending to a friend :0 !! But washing it with 'vanish' worked! As for teeth, it can be all in the genes, I have three children with lovely teeth and my little girl at 3 her teeth are awful :( We scrub three times a day, same as you no sweets, drinks etc...she just has bad teeth. Good luck for you little one (((hugs)))

Kucki68 said...

Good luck for the guy!

And calm nerves for you.

Love the leaves quilt. A wooden leaf pin would look great to cover the blue bit, I think.

LauraJ said...

Big hugs on the dental surgery front! More hugs for the email that made you mad! Grr, the nerve of someone to send you an email to tick you off.
I would like to hear your story! I promise not to lose my breakfast, or lunch or supper. I'm just nosey that way.

the Campfollower said...

Thank you all so much for the prayers and sweet support. Stu and Sam are down in KC now. I told my mom the cat story last night and she had to hang up it was so terrible. And it really is. Maybe when I am in a more rational mood I will share, I just would hate to freak you dear readers out too much. It is truely shocking. I am not really nuts or anything, it is just really really an almost unthinkable thing that happened. Maybe I can tidy the event up a bit? ;o)

Edwina said...

Oh Tia,
You do have the worst luck with cats and teeth. Sorry to Hear Sam is going through surgery, poor little guy, but I'm sure he'll feel much better when it's all over. Painful teeth really are the worst. Be prepared for an aching mouth for many days, though, Gates' mouth was so sore after getting her braces on that she ate nothing but pudding and mashed sweet potatoes for a week.

Take care,

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I just had dental surgery and I have to tell you it went super smooth.. 15 years ago I had wisdom teeth pulled and it was a nightmare...I had horrible nausea and was really ill after... but now a days they have it figured out... :) SO my happy thought s are with you..

tide spot stick or roller? idk..

hey I think the nut jobs are out - maybe its a phase of the moon? the nutter moon!
or amybe its just one lady, with multiple accounts pissing off the normal! :) anyway, Trader Joe's instant pudding and mashed potato balls in chicken noodle soup. Delish and happy recovery to the kiddo.

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