Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Monday Morning

Good Morning Folks,

I sure hope you all had a very nice weekend. We sure did. Thank you all so much for all the well wishes for Sam and his surgery. It went so very well. He now has almost an entire new set of chompers. I tired to upload a picture of him, but Blogger won't upload it. His teeth are still quite sensitive, but he is doing very well.

My Internet has been so spotty lately, I have many many emails to return, so please don't feel like I have left you high and dry, I just have not been able to work online. We have a wifi Internet thing and the signal is weak often. These are very old quarters and maybe the thickness of the walls and ceilings has something to do with it. Heck I have to go out on my fire escape to talk on the phone so maybe I should drag my laptop out there too? Little chilly yet, but maybe this afternoon.

Speaking of old quarters, Stu and I did a date night Saturday. We walked around post on the "Haunted Ft Leavenworth Tour". Oh it was very fun. I had been joking with my husband about what we would think if the tour stopped in front of our house. Well, what do you know? It did. I have been complaining about someone knocking me down when I unload the dryer or put groceries in the fridge and Ethan Hates sleeping in his freezing cold bedroom. But I just thought I am a klutz and Ethan just wants to stay up late with us. Well, lots of little boys in Infantry Barracks over the years have been haunted in their bedrooms, so we have asked the spook to leave Ethan alone since he needs his rest and If the spook wants to do the laundry so bad, she is more than welcome to it. But seriously it was a very neat tour. They are going again next weekend for anyone in the area. I was hoping we would get to prowl through the old prison, but nope....we just got to look at the elevator shaft where they hung prisoners. That is a super creepy building I think.

Our house on Bailey Street in Ft Hood was haunted, not with a real ghost or anything, just a really angry male "presence" who would glare (making the hair stand up on the back of my neck) from the end of the hallway. I never told my husband about it until he was repainting the dining room by himself one night (we had to move to a different house since housing wanted to remodel the one we were living in) and came home about 2 hours before I thought he would. My husband is as big and brave as they come, so when he walked in kinda pale and angry I asked what was wrong. And he said that someone was watching him in the Bailey street house and he couldn't find them. I told him it was probably the ghost.

OK, Enough of ghost stories. Here is some of the quilt top I worked on this weekend since I didn't really have Internet. I think I am going to add some 60 degree triangles just to see if it will make it better. Something about it just seems unfinished. I started this one back when I was still in Australia.

Oh and the cat story....OK, so Ellie had 5 kittens right? Well, now she only has 4 since (we think) the male ate one. We came home and only 4 kitties were in the box. We looked all over the house and couldn't find the 5th. The kids got home from school and Emma and her little gang of girlfriends decided to assist. The little Pakistani girl began chirping that she found the kitty, "there under the cloth, I see it's paw!" Well....that is all that was left. The paw. Shocked silence and then the screaming of 5 little girls. Wow. We had a big multi cultural - multi religion memorial service for the kitten out under a Maple tree. We now keep Ike the Terrible out of the bedroom and Ellie has quite the set up going on. The 4 remaining kittens are doing great, 2 have their eyes opened but they still don't do much except nurse. Ike follows me around and naps in whatever room I am working in. He is a sweet fellow, so maybe he didn't do it....but someone did and it wasn't me. Just be glad your husband does not eat your children when he confuses them for mice.

Have a great day everyone!



Breezy Bree said...

OH no! poor kitty, poor girls !!! Glad the surgery went ok and his new chompers are good :)

Rebecca Maples said...

I just wanted to let you know that we had a momma cat who ate all her kittens once (all but the heads and tails). My mom thought she did it because maybe the kittens were not well or something and the momma cat knew it. I don't know, all I know is that she had the kittens behind the washer and dryer, so my mom had to get back there and clean them up, my dad was gagging the whole time, but my mom is a pretty straight forward kind of a woman. Someone had to do it, and damn it there was laundry to be done too! Sorry for the gross story, but yours reminded me of it. Nature is not for the weak!

Anonymous said...

Your animal story brought back the memories of childhood. Whenever there was an animal found or one that passed we were allowed to have a burial behind the garage! I often have wondered if anyone ever had the occasion to dig up the little bodies while planting or rearranging their space! How awful to dig up the remains! Maybe it will be easier to find homes for four than five? The mother may have done it. We had a guinnea pig who refused to care for one of hers. The others were fine. Keep stitching. Thanks for the kitty update. Gail Norback

Anonymous said...

oo having ghosts can be a little creepy. We've had the "male presence" before, and I use to lock myself in my room at night. It sucked though cause he'd hang out in the living room, and that was between my bedroom and the bathroom. I also swore there were "kids" too, and my youngest would talk to someone at night, when she was a baby. Good Luck with them, and I hope they don't cause too much trouble.

Kristin L said...

Good luck with getting your ghost to do the laundry!! I do hope it lestens to your request for it to let Ethan sleep though.

Anonymous said...

To echo what Rebecca said. I had a mama cat eat one of her litter. I thought it was cat instinct too. Making the reaming kitty's stronger and eliminating the weak. Gruesome none the less. much drama for the kiddos though.

Melissa said...

Glad your little ones "teethers" are all well and fixed up! :) Wow, lol.. I'm pretty sure i'm the only one that cracked up about the little kitty.. I really am sorry though, but just imagining the look on your face and the girls is somewhat priceless.. you probably handled it better than I would.. I'd have been a wreck trying to console the girls.. not so much myself, but them.. So, not my house but the house I grew up in (that my parents still live in) is what I would call haunted. We actually did a little bit of research on the house and found out that a little girl passed away there in the 80's during a fire. My youngest brother (now 11) and my own daughter (5) have been caught talking to "things" several times and have said that they have seen a little girl in the living room.. I had one "experience" there.. and it was not a pleasant one. Needless to say, after my "experience" I never EVER slept in that bedroom again.. Anyway, Happy Hauntings!!

Sonja said...

Oh for the love of pete, knocking you down during laundry? She has some nerve! Seriously, you should shoo them all away. Shine light in the dark corners and tell them loudly to leave, they're not welcome.

Every now and then as I'm waiting to fall asleep, I'll fill the house with a liquid love light. Very bright, filled with your love. I imagine my house is filling up, into every corner, cupboard etc. Once it's pouring out the roof and bursting through the windows I'm done. It's amazing how much better everyone feels in the morning :)

Sorry about your kitten. I bet that was one impressive funeral.

Btw, I'm seriously coveting that leaf quilt o.m.g.

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