Friday, October 16, 2009

Something on my mind...

Good Morning all,

Do you ever see something and it lingers with you....pulls on your mind, swelling and undulating , a gentle throb on you creativity, until you act? Well, I read the little article about Ingrid Press over on Sewn and I was so impressed by her minimal quilting style that I found myself sorting through my more solid greens in between Ellie's contractions Sunday evening. While I was waiting for her to get settled with her kittens and make sure she was finished with her labor I was cutting little leaves in the shapes of White Gum and Willow. Monday morning I woke early, checked on the new babies and weary mama then cut into my creamy linen and proceeded to layout my own leaf quilt. It is all pinned up now and ready to quilt, but I am hesitant.

I needed to practice a bit first. So I made a very tiny quilt sandwich and tried out the quilting pattern I wanted to use, but when I was finished I had a lovely little tiny quilt. What to do with such a lovely little lonely thing?

I decided it would make a nice pocket for a bag. I sliced into one of my leather hides and made a simple bag. I love this bag. The leather smells so good and the heavy solid weight of the bag feels so substantial . Leather and linen....great combination.

I also made a wee wallet with a lost leaf from the sewing room floor. The leather I selected for this wallet is from a soft chocolate hide. I decided to take it along to my son's dentist appointment yesterday afternoon and worked on stitching it up while waiting. What is so soothing about puncturing the flesh and drawing the thread through? Hand sewing with thick leather is a bit different than the glide through linen or cotton. I use my SOG tool to pull the needle and I had to make my slices for the magnetic snap with my handy little SEAL pup . I love a good knife. Good thing I am not searched often...I am typically armed, but not for harm, just handy craft tools. I am sure I got some odd looks sitting by myself with my purse filled with weapons, but no one seemed to be openly staring at me whenever I would look up.

This is the purse I made. It is in the wrong order. It will be going in my shop when I can think of a fair way to price it.

This is a close up of the wallet. I love the little beach stone button and the creases in the leather. I wonder where I am going to find more leather when my current supply runs out?

I have another little wallet ready to work on some more after this posting is finished. I don't have anything planned on the calender today, just me, Sam, the cats and the sewing machine. Maybe a trip out to the commissary when I get my list together.
So have a great day. And have you seen the new collection "Love" by Amy Butler? I just ordered a tiny bit from Quilt Home ( free shipping and a coupon so how could I resist?). I have so much from all her other collections that I don't know if I can use it all in this lifetime. I guess I better start taking some bag orders, huh?


Rafael's Mum said...

Love the leaves! This is going to be such a lovely quilt. Can't wait to see it!

Pam said...

Tia, I have been picking up leather skirts and pants at our local thrift shop to make into bags, at really reasonable prices. Especially on sale days. It's good to recycle, and sonetines the seams etc. add interest to the project, as you well know. Love your sewing room.

Tambur said... the bag! You are just the bees-knees of bag making.

How are you guys? All settled?

We are all doing well.

Take it easy.


amandajean said...

i LOVE the leaves...and a few on a bag like that is just wonderful! thanks for the link to the ingrid press article. so very inspiring! i think i feel a new project coming on. :)

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