Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good Tuesday to you all!

Good Morning everyone.

I hope your week is going to be a good one. I think mine will be. My daughter and I have a date tonight to go to the Nutcracker this evening. The Russian ballet will be preforming. Emma has been twirling around all morning in anticipation.

So, it has been a crafty whirlwind around these parts. I finally finished R. Hawes order. I had to order some more fabric to be able to complete it, but the shop I ordered it from sent it to my old Australian address instead of my new one. It took a while to figure out what was going on.

This is a foldy wallet I made for the order. I just really fell in love all over with the Anna Griffin Evelyn fabric in it. So I decided to fiddle with a quilt design for it yesterday. I have no real person in mind to give it to, so I may pop it in my shop when I am finished with it to see if anyone wants it. Pricing for quilts is so tricky for me. I put so very much work and thought into them. Oh well we will see how it goes.

I am the class mom for my middle man's class. On Friday his class is having their holiday party and I had to come up with a little project. No problem! I can come up with projects all day! LOL but it had to be a project for the spectrum of religious practices. He has quite the variety represented in his room. SO....once again the Spool birdies come in handy! I am making up the shells to include a little hanging bit of string so those who want to hang them can. The kiddos will stuff them during the party and another mom and myself will stitch up the tails when they are finished. The bottoms of the birds are all cut from uniform scraps since the vast majority of children are from military families. I did make a couple of civilian birds. They are all going to look great. If you haven't tried this project you really should give it a go. It is so quick and before you know it you will have a flock of pretty birds.

This is the beginnings of the quilt I am working on. The green fabric is a lovely sea foam pindot from will really make for a soothing understated quilt I think. I will probably end up keeping it, just like so many others I intended to sell. Oh well. You see...I have a new love. Well, let's call it a crush. But I need to raise a fairly substantial bit of $$ to make it mine. The Bernina 820. Yep, I said it. The difference in the 820 and 830 is about $6,000 and the 820 does not embroider, which is fine since I never use my embroidery attachment for either of my machines. I am so amazed by that long lovely neck. But since it is a very nice sewing machine it is more practical than just a long arm (which I was looking at too). You see, someday it is my dream to have a little sewing lounge for people to come a stitch, quilt and learn new things. Well, that is my dream for now. I am a dreamer and they change frequently. I came within about a short drive back to Kansas city to buy that lovely machine, the quilting frame and they were going to throw in a sewing table for free. But I just do not have the room here to set it up. So I will wait a bit....wait and save my money!

OK, so this is the last order I have finished, wrapped up and mailed out to Kentucky. I think I have most of the Christmas orders finished, but if you need one by then, let me know ASAP. Have a wonderful week folks!

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julochka said...

if writing is indeed the new praying (as i believe it is), then putting your dream of a sewing lounge out there like this just might make it happen sooner than you think...

and now i'm off to do up a little flock of birds. :-)

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