Friday, December 11, 2009

Snowed in...

Hi there!

As many of you may know it has been snowing. The kiddos got 2 days off from school and we had a blast. Despite the snow the Army machine is still rolling along. As I look out my window I can see 5 different moving trucks. It is that time of year for half of the base to move away. In the back of my mind I want to go over to housing and ask them if I can have the apartment across the hall so I can have an excuse to go get a long arm. Oh I want one bad...but I don't have any room, but if I had the apartment across the hall I would! Yeah, I know I would never get that lucky. But it is a fun fantasy.

See lots of movers! The movers for the family across the hall has set up a slide so they can just shove the boxes down the VERY steep stairs instead of carrying them. I am about to vomit cause I am so freaked out about it! I have seen movers do some pretty crazy things and it has worked out fine, but this slide of theirs can go badly wrong too!

While we were snowed in we had a bunch of little girls come over to play. When little girls come over they always love pawing through the fabric scraps (who wouldn't love that?). So I had them cut out some bird ornaments using the awesome tutorial from SPOOL. These birds are sooooo quick and you can fancy them up in the blink of an eye. See, I had this plan that the little girls would cut out the birds, I would sew them and then they would stuff them, then I would give the out as little Christmas presents. Well, my child labor plan did not work out. Most of the birdies flew home with the little girls. Oh did keep them all quite for a good while.

So, back to the snow. My children have never REALLY see snow. Most of what you and I take for granted had to be learned for them. "Don't eat the icicles from the dumpster or the ones from under the cars!" "Just because a puddle has ice on it, DON"T eat it!" "STOP trying to eat the Snow" "You can't keep that snowball in your bed!" "You are going to want to put on shoes before going outside!"
Well, we got dressed up in layers so we could try out the new sled. I think it took about 45 minutes to be suitably dressed. Ethan got to wear my ski gloves, Sam was in some liners and a leather Gardening set and Emma had some little boy gloves that we acquired from somewhere. Everyone had a scarf and a hat and 2 pairs of pants, socks and snow boots. So, everyone was nice and warm. We set out (with some old bread to feed the ducks that live at the little lake). I had forgotten how COLD and wet snow can be. But onward we go. We acquired 3 other little kids on our trek and about halfway there I look back at Ethan and he is laying down in the snow making snow angels, and rolling around in the fresh snow. Oh he is having a BLAST. But when I look closer I notice he is not wearing a coat. He has on his other layers, but no coat and keeps walking right out of his snow boots (the Velcro is a bit faulty) so his socks are caked with snow that he just jabs right back into the boot. Well, it is about 10 degrees, so I know we can't stay out much longer with him wet and freezing. Everyone does get to do 2 sled rides then we turnaround for home. Ethan gets a nice warm bath to thaw him out, then hot chocolate all around and we sit down to watch more snow fall.
Oh it was so fun.

Here is a really quick quilt I made. It was going to be for my neighbor who is newly in the family way, but I am too superstitious to give it to her. I have to wait for the second trimester at least. So it will be going to my son's teacher who is having her first baby boy.

This is the snow Tuesday morning (about 6 inches)

And this is the snow the morning before. Ethan basically log rolled to the bus stop.
OK, I am off to finish some bags and hopefully mail them out today!
Have a great rest of your week and stay warm!


Rafael's Mum said...

How amazing such cold weather! I am looking in wonder at all the USA snow pics... We hardly EVER have snow where we live... Even when it snowed in most of Britain last year we had nothing... and if it does (twice in the last 6 years I can remember) it is a light dusting of powdersnow, disappering in the afternoon. My kids would LOVE it (AND having school closures!) It's so beautiful too, but that is easily said from the comfort of a warm room!

the Campfollower said...

That is funny! I used to dream about snow days as a kid, but living in Germany we went to school no matter the weather. It has warmed up to a very toasty 19F. This morning it was 1F. Burrrrr. But it is lovely.

jacquie said...

isn't the snow beautiful? it's like making the world fresh and new. made the drive to the hospital a bit risky, but so worth it. i skied all around our property tonight when i got home...simply gorgeous! glad your kids enjoyed learning about snow.

Anita said...

The first snow is always the best! And somehow, kids never realize how cold it really is. I remember digging caves in the snow drifts and building igloos. But now as an adult it seems really cold to me!

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